Inelbo wins the 2017 Prever Award

Inelbo, a subsidiary of Eiffage Energy, specialising in electrical interior installations and maintenance has been awarded the 2017 Prever Award for its trajectory and good practice in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention.

The XIX edition of the National and International Prever Awards was held in Córdoba on 2 and 3 March to recognise companies and institutions and the various ways and advances that they improve and watch over the Prevention of Occupational Risks and Social Responsibility. The selection of award-winning companies was carried out from among more than 300 candidates.

The PREVER Awards have been awarded since 1998 by the General Council for Industrial Relations and Labour Sciences (CGRICT). The PREVER distinction, which signifies ‘better to foresee what has not happened than argue over what has’, was created with the aim of assessing the good practice of companies and institutions in the field of prevention and, for this, it has the cooperation of the Directorates-General of Labour and Occupational Risk Prevention from Autonomous Communities and other bodies such as the National Institute for Safety, Health and Welfare at Work among others.

With head office in Alicante, Inelbo is a leading company in comprehensive management of medium and low voltage electrical installation projects, engineering from the study to the implementation, and automated management systems. A benchmark company in Spain in maintenance and assembly of electrical installations in commercial and industrial facilities.

It is these activities along with good practices and excellent results in Safety and Health that have led Inelbo to obtain this award in occupational risk prevention. A recognition added to the policies that Eiffage Energía has been developing to reduce the rate of accidents and ensure the safety of all its workers.

In recent years, the Eiffage Energía Group has managed to reduce accidents by more than 80%, the severity rate by more than 20% and the frequency rate by 25%.

In short, the Eiffage Energía Group once again demonstrates its commitment to the prevention of occupational risks, safety at work being one of the main pillars of its strategic plan.