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Maintenance contract for Eiffage Energía with Babcock Spai

Eiffage Energía is developing new maintenance activities for the Babcock International Group, a multinational company offering engineering services. Specifically, Eiffage energy is responsible for maintenance of Babcock Spain’s installations located in Albacete.

Since 2004, Eiffage Energía has provided this service for Babcock Spain, a Spanish aviation company dedicated to air emergency services and aircraft maintenance. The company operates as a specialist in medical emergencies, civil protection, sea and mountain search and rescue, coastal and fisheries surveillance, fire fighting and aircraft maintenance.

The maintenance contract for Eiffage Energía with Babcock Spain includes preventive maintenance services, technical legal and corrective services of the air conditioning, heating, plumbing, sanitation and electricity in HV and LV installations, in addition to the maintenance of the burners installed in their paint booths.

Also the team responsible for maintenance performs all kinds of repairs of constructive elements, waterproofing, locksmithing, compressed air installation or even the repair of the centre’s machinery. This plant basically carries out the maintenance and overhaul of helicopters, as well as acting in a certain way as a 112 (emergency number) heliport.

This comprehensive maintenance contract for Eiffage Energía offers proximity, personal attention, experience, efficiency and speed in incident management. An optimum service that the company guarantees to each of our customers and in each of the contracts awarded.

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