Solar greenhouses, a new project of Eiffage Energía

The Eiffage Energía Group has launched a new pioneer project in France: photovoltaic greenhouses. It is the commitment to a model that originated in China and its use is not very common.

In French Occitania is where Eiffage Energía has built the first photovoltaic greenhouses. A total of 117 greenhouses each of 100 kWp will house in their interior crops such as vegetables, red fruits, table grapes, vegetables and arboriculture.

Greenhouses are divided into groups of 92 ‘Full Sun‘ (provided with a big light window) and another of 25 ‘Chess Board‘ (since their windows are in the shape of a chess board) in a space of 200,000 square metres of constructed area.

The project was built in several phases. In the first phase, which ended in April 2017 with the carrying out of the electromechanical assembly of the photovoltaic greenhouses; in the second phase, which ended in December 2017,  the 117 photovoltaic installations were set up after completing the connection work of the electric company and, finally, in June this year, the installation work of the plastics, polycarbonate and nets was finalised.

But the real differentiating point with regard to other greenhouses lies in the photovoltaic panels located on the roof to produce electricity.

This project is one of Eiffage Energía’s most innovative works in the exploitation of solar energy and which, of course, has a place in Spain for the use of renewable energy and environmental care.

In this video you can see more about solar greenhouses:

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