Eiffage Energía together with Schneider Electric builds the photovoltaic plant Paradise Park in Jamaica

Neoen, French independent leader in the production of renewable energy grants Eiffage,through its subsidiary Eiffage Energía, and Schneider Electric Francethe construction of its photovoltaic plant Paradise Park (51.5 MWp) in Jamaica.

Eiffage Energía has extensive experience and know-how in high-capacity solar projects. Now, in partnership with Schneider Electric, Eiffage Energía is responsible for the construction of Paradise Park, where it will also carry out the maintenance of the plant for the next 20 years.

Neoen won the project of Paradise Park in a tender launched by the Public Services Regulatory Office of Jamaica and is the majority shareholder in this project together with MPC Caribbean Clean Energy Fund and Rekmaniar Frontier Ventures.

This new contract demonstrates Eiffage’s progress in the field of solar power generation with more than 1.5 GW installed worldwide. Paradise Park will provide the Jamaican market with the most competitive electricity in its history by benefiting from a power purchase agreement for 20 years with the Public Services Company of Jamaica, for 85 USD per megawatt/hour.

Eiffage and its Spanish subsidiary, Eiffage Energía, have already participated in other projects in association with Neoen, such as the construction and operation of the Cestas photovoltaic park, in the southwest of France, with a capacity of 300 MWp.

Outside France, Eiffage built the solar plants of Quilapilun in Chile, near Santiago (110 MWp), Ten Merino in Senegal (30 MWp) and Nouakchott in Mauritania (50 MWp). The Group will deliver the solar plant Huatacondo in Chile (98 MWp) this year.

The Eiffage subsidiary was installed in Kingston, the capital of the Jamaican island, consolidating its expansion and its worldwide presence and carrying out the management and implementation of major international projects.

Read the press release (pdf link).

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