Eiffage Energía is awarded the electrical infrastructure of the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe

La mula planta fotovoltaica

Eiffage Energía will be in charge of the construction (EPC) of the electrical infrastructure of  Spain and Europe’s largest photovoltaic solar plant, the PV plant in Mula, located in the Region of Murcia.

The Mula plant will have a capacity of 500MW, occupying an area of almost 1,000 hectares and producing more than 750 million kWh per year, enough power to supply a city the size of the capital of Murcia.

This new work executed by Eiffage Energía will consist of two parts:

The construction of an underground high-voltage line pf 132kV between the Secondary Substation and the Main Substation of Mula Solar PV plant, with a line length of approximately 3 km.

And the second, consists of a 400 kV line for the power output of the Mula PV Plant, with two sections: one underground and one overhead line.

In this last part, the project is based on the construction of a 400kV high-voltage line between the Main Substation of the Mula PV plant and the El Palmar Substation. The project’s scope is as follows:

– An overhead line of about 21 km, with 64 supports and LA-280 HAWK SC DX + 2 OPGW15 conductors. It starts at Main Substation of the Mula PV plant and ends at transition pylon no. 64 from overhead to unground.

– An underground line of about 300 m in length, between the transition pylon no. 64 and the Main Metering Point adjacent to the El Palmar electrical substation.

– Construction of Main Metering Point (with Current and Voltage Transformers) annexed to the El Palmar Substation.

Furthermore, Eiffage Energía will also be responsible for the construction 5 overhead crossings of the Plant’s MV collection system.

Its experience in high voltage lines has made Eiffage Energía one of the most specialized companies in this field at a national and international level.

The Mula solar plant is expected to be fully operational in 2019. It will also be one of the projects where Eiffage Energía once again applies the company’s key values of professionalism and commitment in the execution and completion of the works.






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