Eiffage Energía is about to complete the works on the Chimiche II Wind Farm works in Tenerife


Eiffage Energía takes on a new renewable energy project. It’s the Chimiche II Wind Farm (18.2 MW) on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The wind farm, which is already nearly built, will have 7 GAMESA G114 wind turbines of 2,625 MW and a 4 km evacuation line.

The Farm is situated in CHIMICHE II to the Northwest of the South Motorway (TF-1) of Tenerife and will become one of the flagship projects for Eiffage Energía and for Iberdrola, Eiffage Energía being one of its main customers in the renewable energy sector.

The works will count on Eiffage Energía’s own means and subcontracted staff in equal parts. The works that are to be implemented are:

  • Adaptation and improvement of existing roads.
  • Implementation of the access road to the wind farm.
  • Land levelling and site development of the wind turbines’ location

(permanent and temporary assembly platforms).

  • Construction of foundations for wind turbine towers.
  • Implementation of new roads and paths inside the farm.
  • Environmental and landscape corrective measures, as indicated in the EIS (Environment Impact Study).
  • Final signage.
  • Installation of guardrails in dangerous curves, steep sections and areas at height and of risk of falling.
  • Health and safety measures for proper implementation of the project.
  • Reception of materials and equipment.
  • Safety Material for the assembly of equipment.
  • Implementation of trenches and collection boxes for laying of medium voltage and fibre optic cables.
  • Implementation of the wind farm medium voltage internal  network.
  • Installation of all signage elements, both on the W.F. roads and the Medium Voltage Lines.
  • Implementation of the earth connection network.
  • Performance of certification tests by regulatory agencies.
  • Putting into service of the medium voltage network.
  • Health and safety measures for proper implementation of the project.
  • Establishment of the project quality plan.
  • Implementation of the communication network
  • Reconditioning of asphalt mastic
  • Disassembly and reconditioning of greenhouses

In addition, the electrical evacuation of the Farm will be by means of buried Medium Voltage line that will be shared with a promoter partner (ITER). Thus, the first evacuation section will be made at 30kV and from a point given in the technical specifications it will be at 30/20kV to the Transformer Substation (Granadilla Abona) 30/66/20kV. The evacuation line passes under the motorway TF-1 running parallel to the motorway, the rest of the path is located in the Industrial Estate of Granadilla de Abona.

Previously, Eiffage Energía carried out other projects with Siemens-Gamesa in the Canary Islands such as the award of the medium voltage network for the wind farms of Bermejo and Abote Vera in the Tenerife town of Arico and the Icor Wind Farm (20.79 MW) along with the underground laying of the 20 kW H.M.V.L.

Renewable energy being one of Eiffage Energía’s prominent lines of activity has made it one of the pioneer companies in the construction of wind farms built in Spain and around the world.

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