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Talent as a commitment to human capital


At Eiffage Energía we are committed to the training and development of our employees. We believe in the talent inside and outside the company as a commitment to the human capital that distinguishes us and make us more competitive. Therefore, investment in improving talent never ceases and an example of this was the celebration of the 1st Edition of the Top Talent Programme.

It’s a high performance programme for identifying and developing young talent within the company. It is an initiative which is based on the enormous growth of the company and serves to select and develop employees with professional skills that go beyond the standard expectations of a certain position.

A training and development plan is carried out for theses employees, which enables them to take on great challenges within Eiffage Energía.

top talent eiffage energia

Through the performance of an Assessment Centre (standardised behavioural assessment technique) 15 engineers have been selected from all the territorial areas and business areas of the company to design them a custom-designed career plan and promote their talents within Eiffage Energía.

Face to face practice and methodology will be used in this career plan where it will delve deeply into matters related to four areas: people management, Eiffage Energía culture, business management and languages. Topics that will serve as support for key skills in their future development.

The first masterclass on leadership and team management has been the start of this highly innovative training development programme and which will be reinforced with gamification and e-learning tools.


programa top talent eiffage energia

The Top Talent will have the figure of a reference tutor for any topic related to this project and a mentor, who will be an inspiring and motivating advisor to guide, challenge, stimulate and promote the talents of the youngest people.

Jose Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía, Victoria Guerrero, Director of Human Resources and Lola Lasheras,director of Finance have been mentors in this first edition.

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