Wind energy and the 40 years of the Constitution


It’s been 40 years since the democracy was constituted. This year, on the occasion of this 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, CMM (Castilla La Mancha Media) has compiled 40 milestones from the region in a special report . Among these major projects is the Higueruela wind farm in Albacete and for the construction of which Eiffage Energía is responsible.

2,800 hours of wind power per year are transformed by Europe’s largest wind farm into electrical energy. The Higueruela wind farm not only represented a significant step forward for Castilla-La Mancha, but also for Spain because 23% of the country’s energy comes from here and thanks to that, we can say that we have a surplus.

In this report, José Manuel Martínez, Eiffage Energía’s CEO, comments that “it was an adventure because in the year 97-98, which is when the construction of the wind farm began, the reality is that wind power in Castilla – La Mancha and Albacete was an unknown quantity”. Doubts about the implementation of this wind farm began with the modification of the cloud system or the rainfall pattern. Initial doubts that quickly faded.

The clean energy generated through its blades is currently equivalent to the electricity consumption of 200,000 homes. Green energy is slowly shutting down nuclear energy and at Eiffage Energía we work towards that path of transformation, since it is one of our major business lines.

Report: ’40 years of Constitution, 40 milestones: ‘To the rhythm of the wind’ – CMMedia

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