The hero who was wounded while helping various people in a fire


Rubén Labella Cañada made the news last November when he was involved, together with other Eiffage Energía workers, in the rescue of several people victims of a fire in Jaén, as a result of which he was also wounded.

Last month on the 7th of November a team of Eiffage Energía workers was working in Jaén when, a few metres from them, a fierce fire broke out in a building.  To escape the flames several people were crowded on a balcony and the workers came to their rescue, by placing a ladder on the roof of a van from the company’s fleet.

Several people were able to get down by the ladder but the last person, who felt threatened by the fire, jumped onto the roof of the van, causing Rubén Labella Cañada to fall, who suffered multisystem trauma and had to be hospitalised, receiving several stitches.

A feat that has been recognised by the Jaén City Council and by the emergency services, in addition to relatives of the people he helped who even visited him in hospital.

Rubén, who is 37 years old, has been working for the Jaén local offices of Eiffage Energía for two years as a qualified skilled worker (Oficial de Primera) and with this gesture, along with the rest of his team mates has proven to be a very caring person, something greatly appreciated by the company, which, through this publication, wishes to recognise his heroism.

Would you do it again? Did you think of the risks you were taking?

Yes, I would do it again, because at the time I didn’t think of myself or my family, perhaps it was selfish of me, but I couldn’t leave those people to the flames.

Did you use the acquired knowledge in the field of prevention at Eiffage Energía to aid in the evacuation?

No, there wasn’t time for that.

Indeed, it is difficult to respond to an accident of this nature, although it should be remembered that Eiffage Energía has achieved very good results in the field of occupational risk prevention, in the last seven years achieving a reduction of 88% in the company’s number of workplace accidents.

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