Eiffage Energía builds first wind farm in Senegal, Northwest of the capital Dakar


Eiffage Energía, in collaboration with Vestas, has launched the construction of the first wind farm in Senegal. A step forward which is a milestone in renewable energy for this area, and which is added to other projects that the Eiffage Energía Group has on the African continent.

The wind farm (158.7 MW) is located about 70 km to the Northwest of Dakar, in the region of Tivaouane. The project will be implemented in 3 phases with 46 turbines of 3.45 MW power.

Although the works have just begun, the project has been taking shape since a first study in 2012, where the collaboration between Eiffage and Vestas was significantly strengthened. This relationship led to the award of the entire BOP (Balance of Plant) package, including civil and electrical works of the Wind Farm, Construction of the booster substation, and the extension of an existing substation belonging to the National Electricity Company of Senegal (SENELEC).

The Vestas wind turbines that transform wind energy into electricity in this region are V126 – 3.45 MW, with a hub height of 117 m and a rotor diameter of 126. In addition, they will use 25,700 m3 of concrete, 2,200 tons of steel and 320 km of cable. They will also construct 2 meteorological towers, 46 platforms, 40 km of roads and 46 km of trench.

The works for this new energy development project will last for 18 months. Once completed, it is expected that the wind farm will supply around 150,000 households located in a region where most of its inhabitants live off the cultivation of mango, cassava and groundnuts.

As it is the pioneer Company in the construction of wind farms in Spain and worldwide, Eiffage Energía, Eiffage Senegal  and Eiffage Énergie Transport et Distribution are the three subsidiaries of the Eiffage Group involved in the installation of the first wind farm in Senegal.

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