Eiffage Energía commemorates Women’s Day by promoting measures to achieve co-responsibility

Día Internacional de la Mujer 8 marzo

On 8 March International Women’s Day is commemorated, a date that should serve to remind us that we must continue working to build a world without discrimination against women and achieve a balance between men and women in all areas of society.

In Spain, 2018 has been a key year for feminism and also in the energy sector. In September the manifesto “Energy, Not Without Women” was published, whose objective is to promote the public presence of women in the energy sector.

According to a recently published report by the Energy International Agency on the gender perspective in the renewable sector, in this sector gender inequality does exist, but less so than in other sectors.

At Eiffage Energía, equal opportunities are integral to sound projects, providing attractive opportunities for professional development and promoting a policy of effective talent management between women and men in all its business areas.

We seek a more balanced distribution of the workforce and improved working conditions by promoting measures of co-responsibility to reconcile working life with personal and family life, nurturing a corporate culture focused on equality and the prevention of any discriminatory behaviour.

Training measures and action protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment

To ensure said equality and non-discrimination between men and women, we are already working on the III EQUALITY PLAN, which is applicable to all the company’s personnel, and that includes, above all, training plans for all employees, starting with the company’s Management, whose support and commitment has been crucial in carrying them out.

In addition, Eiffage Energía’s current Equality Plan also includes an action protocol for the prevention of sexual harassment or discrimination for gender reasons in the workplace or in any activity carried out within the company.

“The leadership of an organisation begins with the personal leadership of those within it” and at Eiffage Energía we believe in the leadership of the future: inclusive, diverse and innovative.

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