Eiffage Energía’s workers can now acquire company shares

Trabajadores Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding thanks to the increase in capital the company reserved exclusively for its employees.

In this way and for the fourth consecutive year, in 2019 the Eiffage Group has issued new shares offered exclusively and with preferential conditions to all its employees. An initiative which has enabled Eiffage to develop a unique family spirit, extraordinary cohesion and a strong common identity.

The subscription period opens today, 18 March, and will close on 15 April.

TIM 2019

The benchmark price is 82.22 euros and for employees, with a discount of 20%, it is 65.78 euros. Eiffage will assume all the direct management costs of the shareholding fund.

This year there is an innovation with regard to the advance that employees may request for the purchase of shares as it is extended to 1.000 euros, to be deducted over a maximum period of eight months (from May to December 2019).

This is a traditional formula of shareholding within the International Group Savings Plan, a collective savings system that allows each employee to accumulate, with the help of their company and on advantageous terms, savings invested in securities (shares, bonds, cash investments, etc.).

In this way, Eiffage Energía and its subsidiaries’ employees will be able to participate in the transaction provided that they have been with the company since before 15 January of this very year. Workers who have joined the company from 16 January onwards will not be able to be subscribers.

Employees from subsidiaries abroad may not acquire shares (unless, besides a local employment contract, they have a Spanish contract). The subsidiary ELECTROMEDICAL will also be excluded this year.

The following video explains the shares subscription process for Eiffage employees:

The following video tells us about the Eiffage Group’s pioneering commitment to its employee share ownership:



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