Eiffage Energía installs defibrillators in its workplaces

Cardio-respiratory arrest is one of the most important public health problems in Spain. There are about 30,000 cases every year, that is to say, on average there is one arrest every 20 minutes, four times more than road traffic deaths.

When a cardio-respiratory arrest occurs, it is essential to act as soon as possible because failure to do so dramatically reduces the chances of recovering the heart rhythm. This recovery can be up to 90% when intervened within one minute of the arrest. Each minute of delay will limit the intervention’s effectiveness by almost 10%, so after 10 minutes the chances of survival are slim.

This is why Eiffage Energía, despite no legal obligation, has started installing defibrillators in its workplaces, with the aim of being able to immediately assist anyone who may suffer a cardio-respiratory arrest.

This initiative falls within the scope of the priority in the Health and Safety of the entire group of its workers. In fact, occupational safety is one of the main pillars of the Strategic Plan 2020 of the Energy Branch of the Eiffage Group, which pursues excellence on this matter.

In this first phase, defibrillators have been placed in the following work centres:

  • Head Offices (Crta. Mahora, Albacete)
  • High Voltage Office (PI Romica de Albacete)
  • Levante Office (Quart de Poblet)
  • South Office (Linares)
  • Maintenance Office (Madrid)
  • Centre Office Alcalá de Henares
  • Inelbo Office (Alicante)
  • Ambitec Office (Zaragoza)

In addition, last January two workers per workplace were specifically trained, in accordance with the regional legislation that regulates it, to allow, where appropriate, its rapid and effective use.

All the installed defibrillators are permanently connected to 112 emergency services to facilitate their immediate use.

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