Eiffage Energía completes the renovation of street lighting in Albacete capital and its industrial estates

Eiffage Energía is working on the renovation of the street lighting in Albacete Capital and its industrial estates which will be ready next June.

This project consists of replacing more than 21,000 conventional light points for others with LED technology and replacing or adapting more than 200 control centres with a modern remote management system, allowing from the central computer to perform tasks of power-on-off, adjust schedules and light intensity, display operating parameters and detect faults and anomalies.

This project, which has a budget of around €4,500,000, is one of the largest of this type that will be carried out nationwide in the period 2018-2019, through which the City of Albacete will significantly improve the lighting of all its roads and will reduce the energy bill by more than 55%.

Commitment to energy efficiency

In this way, Eiffage Energía continues to fulfil its commitment to energy efficiency, pursuing two clear objectives: on the one hand, reducing the costs of lighting in the future and thus saving energy in many municipalities; and, on the other, promoting the economic, political and environmental sustainabilitydemanded by the world we live in.

Throughout its history, the installation and maintenance of lighting, mainly urban, has been very important for Eiffage Energía. The use of new technologies, equipment and materials means that it is at the forefront of an industry very concerned with efficiency and service.

In recent years, the company has actively participated as an installer, providing technical support, covering economic, safety, aesthetic needs and executing works that endorse its experience in numerous towns and cities.