Eiffage Energía is to build two solar parks for OPDEnergy in Mexico and Spain

Eiffage Energía has been the awarded the contract for the construction of two photovoltaic plantsº, one of 106.5 MWp in Torreon (Mexico) and another of 50 MWp in Merida (Spain) And their respective connection substations , developed by OPDEnergy. Both plants were the winning bidders at energy auctions held in Mexico and Spain respectively.

The technology used for this ensemble of projects is a high-efficiency mono PERC module called with powers of 370 Wp, centralised inverters with powers between 5 and 7 MW and trackers with single-axis tracking. Emissions into the atmosphere of 108,000 tonnes of CO2 per year will be avoided. This clean energy will be supplied to the general power grid for use in homes, factories, etc.

Eiffage Energía has built more than 14 solar plants for OPDEnergy ,with a total output of 230 MW.

Leading company in the implementation of renewable energy projects

Eiffage Energía is a leader in implementing renewable energy projects, responsible for about 80% of the Group’s renewable energy activity at global level, through wind power, with 85 wind farms constructed and more than 3 GW ; and solar photovoltaic power, with 63 plants and more than 2 GW of installed capacity.

Furthermore, it is one of the pioneer companies in the construction of the first wind farms developed in Spain and other countries in the world.

About OPDEnergy.

OPDEnergy was founded in 2005, with the corporate purpose of developing, building, operating and financing renewable energy assets. Based in Spain, the company has extensive experience and global presence:

  • Offices in Mexico City, Santiago de Chile, Charlotte, London and Turin
  • It has raised more than €1,200m of project finance and equity investment for photovoltaic assets in Spain, Italy and England since 2005.
  • It has a portfolio of projects in the short and medium term exceeding 5GW of solar and wind power.
  • In Spain, OPDEnergy plans to start building 100MWp of additional solar capacity by April and reach a portfolio of 600 MWp of assets ready to build by the end of 2019.
  • 144 MWp under construction in Mexico and 150 MWp in Spain.

Read the press release (pdf link).

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