Among these measures the"/>


Among these measures the establishment of a platform for the receipt of invoices from suppliers is included which, on one hand, will allow to improve the efficiency and management of administrative processes; and on the other hand, to contribute to greater environmental protection, by reducing the CO2 footprint, as the use of paper and the consumption of fuels and other materials necessary for the printing and sending of invoices will be avoided.

Currently, the project is being implemented and communicated to the main suppliers. Around 350 monthly invoices are being received in this way, and the goal is to reach 3,000 monthly invoices by the end of this year.

Digitalización Eiffage Energía1

Another tool that has already been developed is the Eiffage Energía mobile app for iOS and Android systems, which allows the company’s workers to perform all the administrative tasks which, a few years ago, were performed manually with their mobile phones. For example, requesting holidays, sending expense claims, making work reports or signing all kinds of documents electronically, such as orders, supplier invoices or travel requests, among many other things.

For mobile apps for Android terminals, different apps have also been developed for the management of works with the main customers. For example, Iberdrola could ask Eiffage Energía to take photos of the works before and after they are completed. Workers receive those works in the app, take the photos and send them to the system.

Other measures include the use of different platforms for fleet control, which allow to control the geolocation of the more than 1,600 group vehicles, to control the use of tachographs and compliance with safety regulations and rest times; the implementation of new technologies for the analysis of the main strategic and operational indicators that help to optimise decision-making; or an e-learning platform to disseminate the contents of training actions that are carried out at internal and external level within the business group.

Finally, it should be noted that this year Eiffage Energía is working on the digitisation of the Human Resources department, which generates a lot of “bureaucracy”, such as the management of selection processes, recruitment authorisation, training management, etc.

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