As it could not have been any other way, Eiffage Energía regards the development of measures that respect the environment, biodiversity and the efficient use of energy as a fundamental factor in the development of its activities.

In this way, and coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day, a series of company initiatives, promoted by Eiffage’s Directorate of Sustainable Development and Transversal Innovation should be highlighted, which are aimed at protecting the environment and biodiversity.


Bird Life Protection

Eiffage Energía has had consolidated experience in bird life protection for more than 20 years. Almost every day, the teams that are responsible for this service perform this type of work, closely linked with the High Voltage works, in order to protect the birds and that the impact on nature be as low as possible.

Power lines and substations interact with all the elements that form part of the environment, including wildlife and also birds, the interaction of these with transport and electricity distribution infrastructures being the main cause of birds’ non-natural mortality in developed countries.

Currently, Eiffage Energía has an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment for the protection of bird life, through which it is established that high-voltage lines with bare conductors located in the protection zone listed in the inventory of hazardous lines, must be adapted. This service is based on correcting high voltage power lines and measures for the protection of bird life against collision with and electrocution by high voltage power lines.


Biodiversity + Competitiveness, a possible equation

Since 2009, Eiffage has been committed to biodiversity through actions which are defined in its three charters: Sustainable Development, Biodiversity, Water and Aquatic Environment.

Since July 2018 Eiffage has been part of the Act4Nature programme, through which 65 French companies confirm their commitment to preserving biodiversity at the forthcoming UN Conference on Biodiversity, which will be held in Beijing in 2020.

Other noteworthy actions aimed at protecting the environment are, for example, a CDTI project led by Eiffage Energía, which allows to prevent forest fires, ensuring the safety of forest masses where high-voltage lines coexist with trees and vegetation; or measures such as the elimination of plastic cups in all the company’s local offices.

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