Eiffage Energía collaborates in building an energy future in Chile with more than 400 MW installed

In 2013 Eiffage Energía Chile came into being with one of the most important projects of the Eiffage Energía Group in Latin America: the San Andrés Photovoltaic Solar Plant  (50 MW).

Since then, Eiffage Energía has achieved a recognised position in Chile, with more than 400 MW installed, which actively contribute to its social, environmental and economic development. One of the latest projects is the expansion of three water treatment plants at Santiago de Chile International Airport.

During these years, Eiffage Energía Chile has worked in very different terrains and places. In addition, it has collaborated with the local industry, allowing for a flexible relationship with customers based on trust and knowledge of the place and its entire context: geography, customs, topography, industry and the mode of construction.

Chile’s Energy Policy, published in December 2015, proposes a vision of the energy sector for 2050, corresponding to a reliable, sustainable, inclusive and competitive sector, in order to move towards sustainable energy in all its dimensions.

To achieve its objectives, Chile proposes several pillars that support the long-term vision, allowing the definition of goals and action plans of the State, the private sector and the citizens: security and quality of supply, energy as an engine of development, environmentally compatible energy and energy efficiency and education.

Among the goals set by this policy, it is worth noting the introduction of a new energy culture that ensures universal and balanced access to modern, reliable and affordable energy services for the entire population.

In December this year, Chile’s capital will host the UN Climate Change Summit (COP 25).