José Manuel Martínez is appointed delegate of the Eiffage Group in Spain

The CEO and managing director of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, assumes a new position at the head of the company: delegate of the Eiffage Group in Spain.

This is a new responsibility, without hierarchical dimension, created by Eiffage in the various countries where it has a presence, to designate Eiffage’s main contact in the country in question, with the aim of strengthening the capacity to work in a coordinated manner.

His mission is to promote cross-cutting exchanges and ensure the flow of information between the Group and the country concerned and between companies working in the same country, in order to facilitate the exchange of good practices and the sharing of knowledge.

He must also coordinate the role of the various entities, lines of business and know-how of the Group, in order to promote employee participation in the countries where it is implemented and to become the benchmark of the country for the Eiffage Sports Challenge.

In the words of the president – CEO of the Eiffage Group, Benoît de Ruffray, “it is a priority to be recognised as an actor committed and aware of their social responsibility for the development of the country”. Therefore, to meet these challenges, Ruffray has appointed representatives of Eiffage in the different international locations.

It should be recalled that José Manuel Martínez, in fifteen years, has led Eiffage Energía to position itself at the highest level of its sector, both in Spain and beyond our borders.

According to the recently published magazine CONTACT, since 2003 José Manuel Martínez “has been the architect of a great transformation,” emphasising that the turnover has grown from 40 to 400 million euros, while the number of employees has grown apace.