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Eiffage Energía has agreed to the merger by takeover of the trading company Ambitec, a subsidiary engaging in the design and implementation of mechanical installations and maintenance. A merger by takeover that was duly registered in the Companies Register on 13 August 2019.

Since the incorporation of Ambitec in 1978, the company has achieved important technical recognition at the national level, always focusing on the quality of the installations, becoming a benchmark in the design, implementation and maintenance of mechanical installations in the tertiary and industrial sector.

This operation is an addition to the unstoppable growth of Eiffage Energía and the constant increase of its workforce, which stands at more than 3,600 workers, with a turnover that could reach 600 million euros in 2019.

Eiffage Energía Norte

With the takeover of Ambitec, Eiffage Energía Norte is formed, now being established in Aragon, Catalonia, Rioja, Navarre and the Basque Country.

The activity of mechanical installations and maintenance carried out by Ambitec, together with the low-voltage electrical activity and special installations carried out by Eiffage Energía in the area, as well as the medium-voltage electrical installations carried out by the electricity company EDS, constitutes a solid Local Branch of Eiffage Energía with a turnover forecast for 2019 of more than 50 million euros and more than 450 workers.

The most important projects in which Eiffage Energía Norte is currently participating are the electrical and mechanical installations for the Garbera Shopping Centre in San Sebastián, the HVAC and plumbing facilities of the new Teruel Hospital and the power lines and substations for two wind farms in Ablitas and Cabanillas.


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