Eiffage Energía collaborates with the teaching programs of different Universities and Educational Centres through its internship program, whose fundamental objective is to achieve a comprehensive training of the student through a parallel educational program in the Educational Centres and in the Company, combining theory and practice.

In this way, Eiffage Energía aims to familiarise students with the everyday reality of the company, through conducting a series of activities and their participation in the development of specific projects that serve them in preparation for their future incorporation into the labour market.

Currently, Eiffage Energía has a collaboration agreement with the University of Castilla-La Mancha to promote training courses for those recently graduated or students on internship, and which prepares them for carrying out the professional activity.

About 12% of Eiffage Energía’s workforce are engineers, among which senior engineers and technical engineers are included, who are working at Eiffage Energía with internship contracts, such as engineers performing their activity through a collaboration agreement with Engineering Schools carrying out internships in the company.

Besides conducting internships for students, Eiffage Energía takes part in various employment fairs and has collaboration agreements with other Spanish universities such as:

  • Francisco de Victoria University in Madrid
  • Charles III University in Madrid
  • Complutense University in Madrid
  • Castellón University
  • Seville University
  • Miguel Hernández University
  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

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