20 años de energías renovables- Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía has been working to generate clean energy for over 20 years. Renewable Energies are one of the company’s main lines of business, which has prevented over 4 million tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

It all began in 1999, with the construction of the Higueruela wind farm in Albacete,  which represented progress in Spain, as 23% of the energy produced in the whole country is now wind power. Generating clean energy through the farm’s blades currently produces the equivalent electricity consumption of around 200,000 homes.

The Eiffage Energía general manager and CEO, José Manuel Martínez, has occasionally mentioned, when referring to this project, that “it was an adventure, because in 1997-1998, when construction began on the farm, wind power was unknown in Castilla-La Mancha and Albacete.” Concerns regarding the launch of this farm began due to changes in the cloud system or rain cycles. But the initial worries soon vanished.

Before building this large wind farm, in 1987, Eiffage Energía had taken part in the first wind project implemented in Spain, the construction of the Ontalafia wind farm (Albacete), co-funded by the European Union and the Spanish Government, acting as the main contractor. This project’s success meant the beginning for wind farms in Spain.

This is how Eiffage Energía became one of the pioneering enterprises in wind power installation construction nationally and internationally, and strengthened its position in renewables in several European, Latin American and African nations.

Eiffage Energía has implemented several very important renewable energy projects over the last two decades, establishing the company as an industry leader responsible for around 80% of Eiffage Group renewable activity worldwide in wind power, with more than 85 farms built and an installed power of over 3 GW; as well as photovoltaic power, with 63 solar plants and over 2 GW of installed power.

Green energy is slowly shutting down nuclear energy, and Eiffage Energía is playing an active role in this transformation, one of the enterprise’s most important lines of business.

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