Iberdrola recognises Eiffage Energía’s work in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention


Iberdrola has recognised Eiffage Energía’s work in the prevention of occupational risks for having obtained the lowest accident rate data in its Distribution Network Contracts with I-DE Smart Power Networks during 2019.

This is shown by the diploma awarded to Eiffage Energía during a meeting of Distribution Network Contractors (CRD) organised by Iberdrola that took place recently in Bilbao.

This recognition endorses the excellent data that Eiffage Energía is achieving in this field, which has reduced the number of accidents resulting in lost work days by 90% per million hours worked in the last eight years, from 60 in 2010 to 6 in 2018. A figure that the company had set itself as a target for 2020.

Through the department of Health and Safety, the Eiffage Energía Group organises information, training and planning activities of preventive actions in order to integrate the technology, the work organisation and conditions under which it is performed, as well as the social relations and environmental factors.

Awards for Excellence in Health and Safety

The company also has a program where excellent conduct, from the point of view of health and safety at work for those company workers who are most exposed to risk, is rewarded.

This involves the various company managers in the task of conducting health and safety inspections on their production units, by conducting exhaustive inspections in order to reward the safest ones and to correct the conduct of those workers or groups who do not comply with the requirements for achieving excellence.

The purpose of these awards is to recognise the collective efforts of Eiffage Energía’s human team regarding compliance with security measures and reductions in the number of local workplace accidents and, thereby, the national rates too.