6D ITS NOW- acción climática global

As the 2019 Climate Summit takes place in Madrid, millions of people will be mobilised around the world on Friday, 6 December to insist on the urgency of specific actions that commit political leaders to ensuring a safe path so that the global temperature does not exceed 1.5 degrees with respect to the pre-industrial era.

In this way, people, organisations, companies, schools or institutions will develop specific and awareness raising actions, producing local clean energy, reforesting and restoring ecosystems, reducing, reusing, recycling, and transforming production systems, etc.

Actions #For The Climate

Eiffage Energía has joined this initiative with the following actions:

– Introduction of renewable energy for energy supply (electricity and heat) in the installations of the head offices of the company, in order to reduce carbon emissions from electricity supplies to the company. Solar roof for electricity supply in the parking building and installation of biomass boilers. An action that is already under way.

In addition, since this year, the entire power supply of the head offices has been certified by a Certificate of Guarantee of Origin (GdOs) from renewable sources. For 2020, the objective is that all delegations of the Eiffage Energía Group have the origin of energy with Certificates of Guarantee of Origin.

– Introduction of electric vehicles in the company’s production processes in travel tasks, especially in large cities in which we are established. A study is being carried out on the use of electric vehicles for the movement of operators, especially in large cities, to look into their feasibility and problems. Installation of charging points for pluggable electric or hybrid vehicles in our central facilities for both company and workers’ vehicles throughout the Eiffage Energía Group.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

– Once the Carbon Footprint of the company’s production processes has been calculated and certified by an external entity, one of the objectives to be developed is its compensation by planting trees that, in a number that we determine, may compensate for our carbon footprint.

One of the main challenges that Eiffage faces is precisely the reduction and compensation of the environmental impact of all its activities.

For 10 years, the Eiffage Group has been committed to protecting biodiversity and the systematic reduction of its carbon footprint. Since 2008, Eiffage has been publishing its internal carbon footprint, which was seven years before it became a legislative obligation.

Far from being a constraint, low-emission construction is an opportunity to make a difference in the service of shared sustainable development in all areas of society.

A pioneer strategy

Firstly, the objective is an overall reduction of internal greenhouse gas emissions throughout the value chain of the different lines of activity. To achieve this, the various Eiffage delegations are setting quantified targets and measurement criteria tailored to their sectors.

In parallel, the second objective is to accompany customers on their own carbon footprint reduction targets, through commercial offers and innovative solutions. It is in this continuity that the Eiffage Group has oriented its R&D investment and innovation policy towards the low-carbon economy.