UFD awards Eiffage Energía the construction and maintenance contract for the power grid in the Madrid Sur-Toledo Norte zone

Framework agreement with UFD. Naturgy’s electricity distributor has awarded Eiffage Energía the comprehensive construction and maintenance service contract for the power grid in the Madrid Sur-Toledo Norte zone.

This is a framework agreement worth more than 12 million euros per year. The service provision will be for four years and may be extended for an additional two years.

The service includes construction of new facilities; adaptation, regulation or renovation; maintenance and local operation; and live-line work on low-, medium- and high-voltage lines and electrical substations. 

Immediate response to incidents

Framework agreement with UFD. The agreement includes immediate response to incidents on medium-, low- and high-voltage lines in: -12 neighbourhoods in the southern zone of metropolitan Madrid, where at least one team will have immediate availability -21 municipalities south of Madrid, with a team located in Arganda del Rey -26 municipalities, with locators in Aranjuez and Ocaña -27 localities, with Illescas as a reference area -12 municipalities, with a locator in Fuensalida -and eight localities, with a team in Escalona-Alberche. In addition, Eiffage Energía will respond to incidents in substations in a total of 37 municipalities, including metropolitan Madrid.

Specialisation at national and international level

This is a very important framework agreement for Eiffage Energía, taking into account our extensive experience in electrical infrastructures. This experience has made us one of the most specialised companies, both nationally and internationally. To this end, we have capacity to take on comprehensive HV projects with any scope and level of technical difficulty anywhere in the world. As a result, we have a large staff of professionals and technical resources to ensure superior quality in our work. In addition, we actively participate in international markets with projects in different countries.

Professionalism in the execution of work and commitment to deadlines are defining values for us.

The budget for this project is around 900,000 euros.