Eiffage Energía expands its vehicle fleet with hybrid and more energy-efficient cars

New fleet of vehicles. The CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, attended the reception of the new fleet of Peugeot vehicles acquired by the company. The event was also attended by the CEO of Peugeot Iberia, Joao Méndez; the commercial director of Peugeot Spain, Jaime Piedrola; and other company officials. There are eight hybrid vehicles and the rest are more energy efficient than the previous ones. The road, ascending and with no return, towards zero contamination.

Thus, Eiffage Energía begins the process of electrification of its fleet. With the inclusion of plug-in hybrid vehicles and vehicles that are more efficient and less polluting than those they replace.

Renewal of 500 passenger cars and 500 commercial vehicles

In this context, Eiffage Energía has signed a framework agreement with the company PSA for the contracting of Peugeot vehicles for 2021 and 2022. The aim is to renew 500 passenger cars and 500 commercial vehicles. In the case of passenger cars, this renewal is carried out under a rental scheme, with the company Arval. In addition, we have, since February 2020, the Integral Maintenance contract of all PSA branches nationwide, in addition to its centre in Doctor Esquerdo. With a three-year term.

Reduction of internal carbon emissions

It should be noted that the Eiffage Group’s internal carbon emission reduction actions include optimisation of vehicle energy consumption. So it will gradually phase out the network of CO2-emitting company vehicles, as well as promote the choice of electric company vehicles. Accordingly, all Eiffage divisions have included measures in their low-carbon action plans aimed at reducing fossil fuel consumption by purging the fleet of company cars, service vehicles and utility vehicles of models that are too old, inefficient and polluting. The goal is to lead sustainable mobility The goal is to lead sustainable mobility in our sector and reduce the impact of our ecological footprint to meet the commitments made at European level and the 2030 agenda. Plug-in hybrid vehicles provide the versatility our business needs and allow us to make long trips with excellent environmental performance. In addition, in terms of safety, the state-of-the-art technology equipped in the vehicles means they are much safer to drive.