Conscytec to build a new sustainable 50-home building for Realia in Sabadell

Conscytec, our construction subsidiary, begins construction of a new sustainable building of 50 homes for Realia in Sabadell.  The building achieves class B energy rating. It is above the requirements of the CTE (class C). This represents more than 20% savings in energy demand compared to the reference building. The areas which we will act are: concrete structure above ground; installations; and finishes of the complete work.

Other projects in Sabadell

Conscytec is constructing two other buildings in Sabadell, for 21 and 32 homes respectively, awarded by Vimusa S.A., the public land and housing company of the municipality of Sabadell. A construction concept that bears the Conscytec seal, using a lightweight lattice formwork system that reduces the use of concrete and steel in the slabs by 30%. A milestone that represents a radical change and improves project management: by cutting execution times, considerably reducing the volume of waste, and increasing health and safety in the construction.

Commitment to sustainability

Parameters that are part of our commitment to sustainability, as one of the essential pillars that encompasses all our business lines. Conscytec bases its activity on a strong commitment, through a demanding process of ‘continuous improvement’, through development, innovation and creativity. 

Low-carbon construction

This makes it possible to take on increasingly ambitious, more environmentally friendly projects in more complex environments, with better guarantees. An expertise that focuses on low-carbon construction, in which prefabrication, 2D and 3D industrialization, dry construction, and the use of eco-efficient construction materials and systems, such as wood or straw insulation, are progressively gaining ground. The activity covers the different typologies, including new construction, refurbishment and renovation, accompanying the client in all project stages. From planning, design, management and execution to turnkey handover, with great capacity for adaptation and a high degree of specialisation. Edificio-sostenible-Realia-Conscytec   Edificio-sostenible-Realia-Conscytec   Edificio-sostenible-Realia-Conscytec   Edificio-sostenible-Realia-Conscytec