Eiffage Energía will perform maintenance at the Costco Centres in Getafe and Las Rozas, in Madrid

Our Comprehensive Maintenance department and its specialist SAT teams will perform preventive and corrective maintenance on the air conditioning; compressed air; electricity; gas; and auxiliary equipment at the Costco Centres in Getafe and Las Rozas, Madrid. Costco Wholesale is a shopping club that offers members top quality domestic and imported brands at the best prices. It has large retail stores in Spain, the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom, among other places in the world. Our Comprehensive Maintenance area performs maintenance activities in facilities and buildings, and we conduct energy audits, among other services. This department has over 1,000 workers, including engineers, supervisors and maintenance managers. We also have a incident reception Call Centre and a CMMS to ensure streamlined management and a detailed record of all activities. This allows our customers to monitor the status of their facilities 24 hours/365 days a year. Proximity, personalised customer service, experience, efficiency and speed in incident management guarantee optimal service for our customers. Our comprehensive maintenance department, active since 1981, has been in constant evolution, expanding and improving its organisation and procedures, enabling us to obtain the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Electrical installations

In addition, Eiffage Energía developed the electrical  and data communications installations for these centres, as well as the transformer substation. The works were completed  in July 2020. Similarly, we also carried out the electromechanical installations for the new Costco shopping centre in Sestao, Biscay. At our facilities department, in addition to large retail stores such as Costco, we also carry out installations of all types, in unique buildings: hospitals and health centres; public and administrative buildings; educational and university centres; public places such as theatres, museums, cinemas, etc.; sports facilities, airports and prisons; hotel resorts and residences; as well as all types of industrial buildings (industry, factories, logistics centres, waste water treatment plants, cogeneration plants, etc.). Our multidisciplinary teams of professionals are responsible for carrying out projects covering all types of electrical, mechanical and special installations. Our company is a leader, both in the execution of major projects or unique projects, due to the group’s significant technical and economic capacity, and in all types of smaller facilities and projects. Our extensive infrastructure and broad network of local offices allows us to carry them out at very competitive prices, offering our customers a very approachable and high-quality service. According to figures published by El Economista, in 2020 Eiffage Energía obtained fourth place in the Ranking of Companies in the Electrical Installations Sector, by sales; and place 580 in the National Ranking of Companies, moving up 250 places compared to 2017.