Women engineers from Eiffage Energía give a talk about their profession at the Don Bosco secondary school in Albacete

Women engineers. Our colleagues Verónica Cano Morote, Ana Cruz Tribaldos Campos and Sandra Sánchez Bravo, engineers in the Renewable Energy studies department; and Carolina López García, engineer in the research area of the O&M department, took charge of giving a talk about their professional at the Don Bosco secondary school in Albacete.

At present, of the more than 4,300 people working at the company, Eiffage Energía, 436 are women and, of these, a total of 81 are engineers. However, for example, at the Electrical Engineering department of the Albacete Higher Technical School, only one in eight students are female.

Eiffage Energía’s commitment to equal opportunities

After presenting the company in general terms to the students, our female engineers highlighted the company’s Equality Plan as “Eiffage Energía’s commitment to equal opportunities”.

In this regard, Ana Cruz Tribaldos said that she finds it “very striking” that there is a very equal number of women and men in many of the company’s departments. There are lots of us women engineers spread across many departments: renewable energies; maintenance; high voltage, etc. Both women and men are treated without distinction. We have the same salary conditions and the same social benefits”.

In this context, they stated that, fortunately, “we are a company that facilitates equality between men and women. A universal legal principle and a fundamental right in our Constitution”. They went on to highlight that “this company ensures that men and women have the same opportunities for access, participation, promotion, remuneration and job tenure in the group’s companies”.

As they explained, throughout history, there have been women engineers who have left their mark and have an impact on today’s technology. For this reason, at Eiffage Energía’s headquarters in Albacete, we pay a small tribute to these figures by naming some of the meeting rooms

During the talk, each of our female colleagues shared their work experience with the attendees, detailing the tasks they perform on a daily basis. Verónica, Ana, Sandra and Carolina also talked about their future challenges and shared their passion for their profession – engineering.

Finally, Carolina López García, an engineer in the O&M department, showed them a drone and explained how it is operated and what it is used for. Male and female students alike showed great interest in this tool that will help us to improve the service we provide to our customers.