SGA Solutions develops an air quality and climate control system using materials by Siemens

Our brand of Management and Automation Systems SGA Solutions® has developed an air quality control system for a major company that is a leader in the production and processing of meat-based products.

The system, installed on the first floor of the building, contributes to the company’s energy savings. This is possible thanks to the automation of both temperature and air renewal.

The project was carried out with Siemens branded industrial devices and materials. This means that our solution has been fully adapted both to the existing facilities and to the company’s control needs.

Customized system

The multiprotocol SGA Building software integrates the control and monitoring of all types of building processes into a single system. It is a fully scalable solution that can be customized to suit the needs of each client, offering improvements in the systematization of processes.

For this project, a system has been developed to automate the ventilation of the first floor of the building, as well as the temperature of the rooms:

  • Through sensors, the ambient temperature and the outside climate are constantly measured, providing a suitable temperature under all circumstances.
  • For air quality control, sensors have been installed to measure the amount of CO2 in the environment. Therefore, when they detect a high quantity, air renewal is automatically activated.

The SGA Building system that has been implemented enables the control and monitoring of all processes and provides up to date information to favour decision-making and equipment maintenance.

Siemens industrial range

In order to adjust the system to the customer’s facilities, the project has been developed entirely with fully communicable devices from the Siemens industrial range. Devices easily integrated through the TIA Portal (Totally Integrated Automations), which provides a high level of integration of all systems.

SGA Solutions® is a certified Siemens Solutions Partner, specialising in Factory Automations (DI FA) and guaranteeing quality in the development of each project

Thanks to the solution proposed by SGA Solutions®, the company has a significant HVAC and air quality control system that ensures the improvement of energy usage in the facilities.

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