El proyecto de Eiffage Energía sobre hidrógeno verde recibe una ayuda del fondo SEED´INNOV del Grupo Eiffage

The innovation pilot project in the production, storage and consumption of green hydrogen that we are developing at our Albacete headquarters has received the internal aid SEED’INNOV from the Eiffage Group. This is a collaboration to advance our capacity building as a reference in the area of renewable hydrogen.


SEED’INNOV is an internal fund that co-finances innovations devised by one or more Group subsidiaries. The aim is to differentiate or improve the competitiveness of their commercial offerings. The main goal of this fund is to boost internal innovation by speeding up its commercialisation process.

Allocated two million euros each year, the fund intervenes as a complement, co-financing up to 50% of the cost associated with the implementation of the innovation. The proposed solution is analysed by the Transversal Innovation Committee in France. Representing value-added, as it gives a unique international visibility to the subsidiary.

More than 370,000 euros for the project

The more than 370,000 euros allocated by SEED’INNOV for Eiffage Energía’s hydrogen pilot project (almost 25% of the funds available this year) have made it possible to purchase the equipment to be installed in the demonstrator. Equipment that will be launched at the year-end at the headquarters in Albacete. The aim is to test the device, optimize it and build a scalable and replicable commercial offer for customers.

Innovation, part of EIFFAGE’s DNA, allows us to systematically propose the best solutions to the evolving demands of our customers and the climate transition.

Thanks to the support of SEED’INNOV, we are set to become a benchmark in the renewable hydrogen sector, without doubt one of the energy vectors of the future.