From this line of business, Eiffage Energía acquires a high position in the maintenance of electromedical equipment, offering a quality service to a large number of public and private health centers. With the creation of the  Biomedical trademark and incorporating  more than 200 highly-qualified professionals, including engineers and specialised technicians with extensive experience in the electromedicine field, Eiffage Energía has enhanced its growth by focussing on technology.
The services that Eiffage Biomedical offer include the integral management of the equipment, biomedical engineering, technical and economical evaluation of the equipment, inspections and calibrations, advisory services, studies of provisioning of centres, electromedical equipment inventory management, logistical management of supplies and quality control. The area of electromedicine had also obtained the AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) certificate for the quality control of. Sanitary and environmental products, and the quality control certificate according to the UNE-EN ISO 9001 rule. This way, Eiffage Biomedical has formal and public recognition of their ability to provide electromedical equipment maintenance services in health centres, with a high level of quality and compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities and our clients.

The area of electromedicine provides an ensemble of services and solutions that guarantee the correct use and good conservation of equipment, maximising their useful life and availability, and always prioritising patients’ and users’ safety.”

With this new line of activity in the sector of electromedicine, Eiffage Energía widens one of their strategic axes ensuring the control of sanitary risks and the quality of their services. One more step in their growth as national and international reference, offering a 360º integral service.

Key figures

Centres supported

hospitales, clínicas y centros médicos.
centros de salud y especialidades.

Technical interventions

+ 300.000