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25 Nov 2013

Involved in all main electrical projects carried out in Spain

Eiffage Energía is currently involved through its High Voltage Department in almost all main projects carried out in Spain about electrical Infrastructures. From the large projects to improve connections between France, Portugal and Spain, underwater connection between Baleares Islands, up to other big projects for clients such as REE, ENDESA, IBERDROLA, ADIF, etc. Eiffage Energía is nowadays participating in all main projects carried out in Spain about electrical infrastructures, which mean an order book over 30 Million € for its […]

31 Oct 2013

Eiffage Energía is awarded by ADIF

Board of directors of ADIF has agreed to award Eiffage Energy  a contract for railway projects. The contract includes the works to improve conventional rail connection between Medina del Campo (Valladolid) and Salamanca. Specifically Eiffage Energy, in partnership with CHM Obras e Infraestructuras, is responsible for building an electrical  traction’s substation furthermore of four autotransformer centers and 20 km of 220 KV (DC) power line to provide energy to the connection between Medina del Campo and Fuentes de Oñoro. The […]

30 Oct 2013

Eiffage Energie starts to work at Cartagena REPSOL complex

Eiffage Energy has just been awarded in recent weeks several engineering projects, assembly and industrial maintenance in the industrial complex of REPSOL Cartagena, one of the leading Spanish industrial customers. Among the contracted works are the implementation of all detailed engineering and execution of the needed work to improve the existing electrical control system at the  Cartagena Complex. The scope of works, includes: Basic engineering / feasibility study cost estimate Detailed engineering for improving Electrical Control System (ECS ) existing in […]

12 Sep 2013

Eiffage Energía is awarded with two new contracts in Belgic and France

Eiffage Energía has been awarded by one of the major wind promoters worldwide, with the construction of Chimay II Wind Farm, which is located in the area of Chimay south Belgic. The Wind farm have 5 General Electric turbines with powers which range from 2,5 MW to 2,85 MW. Scope of the works includes civil works for roads, platform and foundations, so like electrical and communication network. Deadline is over five months and works have to be finished before December […]

12 Sep 2013

Eiffage Energía keeps on betting firmly in safety

In the 5th and 6th of September 2013, Eiffage Energía developed within its facilities a complete safety training for several teams referent to works at height, which we usually do in assembly and maintenance of wind turbines. The course was given by the Wind mobile training unit (UMMA, for its acronym in Spanish) contributed by the specialized company Salvacon IDF. This unit was deployed on site of Eiffage Energía(Albacete). Eiffage Energía sees training as one of the main pillars for […]

15 Apr 2013

Sector Empresarial, General Manager Interview

April 2013 edition. Interview to our General Manager José Manuel Martínez García, who talks about Eiffage Energía structure, current situation and future forecast. Eiffage is a major construction and concession company in Europe. The Group with more than 150 year history has many branches in France and Europe. One of his main activities is Energy, which suppose almost 25% of the whole Group activity. Eiffage Energía designs, builds, and maintains energy and information systems from human beings and environmental respect.  […]

04 Apr 2013

New high-voltage submarine link between Mallorca and Ibiza

Eiffage Energia has been awarded by Nexans, a package of more than € 8 million, consisting of the realization of all civil works both in Mallorca and Ibiza, as well as the laying of underground High voltage conductors (overland). Among the scope of our work, there are three directional drilling in the sea from the bay of Talamanca in Ibiza, 700 meters deep, over 10,000 m trenches for single, double and triple circuits, 24 junction cameras, horizontal drilling road and […]

03 Apr 2013

Involved in strengthening for electrical interconnection between Spain and France

Eiffage Energia has been awarded by Prysmian a large part of the project which REE (Electrical Network of Spain) and Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (RTE) are developing to increase the power exchange capacity between Spain and France. This project pretends to increase power exchange from 3 to 6% of maximal Peninsula power, strengthening the security of the two electrical systems and promote the integration of a greater volume of renewable energy, especially energy from Iberian wind system. Also, ensure the […]

08 Aug 2012

Eiffage Energy consolidates its international presence.

Eiffage Energy has been awarded the contract for the Pawlowo wind farm in Poland and the Caetité wind farm in Brazil, which represents its firm commitment to establish itself in the international market. Eiffage Energy consolidates its presence in Europe by being recently awarded the construction of the Pawlowo wind farm in the north east of Poland in the region of Poznan. This will include 53 Acciona AW82 1.5MW wind turbines and will be constructed for a benchmark wind farm […]

02 Jan 2012

AENA introduces LED lighting in terminals 1,2 and 3 at the Barajas Airport to save on energy and cost.

Eiffage Energy is the company which has been charged with installing the new LED solution, whose lights have been designed by Ilumisa. VIP lounges, public toilets and other buildings are equipped with TOSHIBA LED Lightingtechnology, which will reduce the annual electricity bill, by more than 55,500 euros. Madrid, January 2012 – AENA Initiates the introduction of LED technology at the Madrid-Barajas Airport with the purpose of saving energy consumption and reducing electricity bills and maintenance costs. This project, which has been managed by […]