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07 Feb 2019

Eiffage Energía leads a CDTI project that will prevent forest fires

A consortium of companies, among which is Eiffage Energía as the consortium leader, has obtained from the CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technological Development) grants aimed at promoting regional R&D cooperation (INTERCONECTA FEDER (ERDF) Programme) for the development of a project based on the design and development of an innovative Intelligent Management System for the Maintenance of Photovoltaic Plants and High Voltage Lines and Forest Mass Analysis in High Voltage Lines (IMSM). This R&D&I project aims at intelligently and comprehensively managing […]

30 Jan 2019

Eiffage Energía removes plastic cups from all its local offices

It is estimated that 80% of the products we have at home contain a high percentage of plastic. At work, which is also our home, we live with and use products with some type of plastic such as PVC, polyethylene, PET or polyurethane among many others. Therefore, and following our path of commitment to the environment, at Eiffage Energía we have created a mini-campaign to eliminate plastic cups from all the company’s local offices. It is doing our bit to […]

22 Jan 2019
Eiffage Energia adquiere la empresa electromedical

Eiffage Energía acquires the company Electromedical

Eiffage Energía has just acquired the company Electromedical, authorised by the Nuclear Safety Council for sales and technical assistance of X-ray equipment for medical diagnosis. An operation that strengthens Eiffage Energía’s activity in the Electro-medicine area. In this way, the Eiffage Energía Group remains committed to continuing specialisation in the biomedical engineering sector, contributing to better respond to the needs of health centres. An activity that Eiffage Energía is developing in Spain, through its trademark Biomedical, which has more than […]

14 Jan 2019

Eiffage Energy inaugurates its new head office quarters in Albacete aimed at being a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency

Today, the president of Castilla-La Mancha, Emiliano García Page, has inaugurated the new head offices of Eiffage Energía in Spain, located in Albacete in a ceremony attended by the CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, as host, international CEO of Eiffage Énergie Systemes, Ludovic Duplan, institutional and business representatives as well as regional and subsidiaries directors of the company. The new building, which brings together in the same workplace Central Services, the Territorial Centre, Conscytec, Renewable Energy and Maintenance […]

12 Dec 2018

The hero who was wounded while helping various people in a fire

Rubén Labella Cañada made the news last November when he was involved, together with other Eiffage Energía workers, in the rescue of several people victims of a fire in Jaén, as a result of which he was also wounded. Last month on the 7th of November a team of Eiffage Energía workers was working in Jaén when, a few metres from them, a fierce fire broke out in a building.  To escape the flames several people were crowded on a […]

28 Nov 2018

Talent as a commitment to human capital

At Eiffage Energía we are committed to the training and development of our employees. We believe in the talent inside and outside the company as a commitment to the human capital that distinguishes us and make us more competitive. Therefore, investment in improving talent never ceases and an example of this was the celebration of the 1st Edition of the Top Talent Programme. It’s a high performance programme for identifying and developing young talent within the company. It is an […]

22 Nov 2018

Eiffage Energía at the IV B2B Industrial Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha

Yesterday, we had the good fortune to take part in the IV B2B Industrial Meeting of Castilla – La Mancha which was held in Tomelloso (Ciudad Real) and where, thanks to Itecam (Technological Centre for Metal of Castilla-La Mancha), large companies and leading entities came together. We, at Eiffage Energía, participate in this project financed by the Regional Government of Communities of Castilla-La Mancha because we believe in growth and economic development between companies. This was the main objective of […]

25 Oct 2018

Eiffage Energía Chile continues with the implementation and improvement of Water Infrastructure projects in Chile

Eiffage Energía through their subsidiary in Chile is building the extension of three water treatment plants. It concerns two projects in the International Airport of Santiago de Chile, consisting of a drinking water treatment plant and a waste water treatment plant, and a project for the company Aguas Andinas in the town of Buin, consisting of an extension of the existing waste water treatment plant. The International Airport Arturo Merino Benítez in Santiago, Chile, is undergoing an extension to modernise […]

18 Oct 2018

Eiffage Energía celebrates 15 years

Celebrating a birthday is a fact and, in this case, a confirmation of the good practice influenced by Eiffage Energía’s experience and commitment. In these fifteen years the company has evolved into a benchmark within the sector with more than 40 local offices and exceeding 3,100 employees in the workforce. Eiffage Energía is much more than a company. With a specialisation in different business lines (electrical infrastructure, installations, maintenance, renewable energy, civil engineering, construction and electro-medicine) and eight subsidiaries worldwide, […]

25 Sep 2018

Five years of Eiffage Energía Chile

On 27 September, Eiffage Energía will be celebrating the creation of  Eiffage Energía Chile , one of the subsidiaries that the Eiffage Energía Group owns throughout the world. At the time, the company disembarked in Latin America with one of its most important projects – the San Andrés Photovoltaic Solar Plant (50 MW). This experience in Chile allowed the Eiffage Energía Group to subsequently consolidate its position in other countries such as Peru, Mexico and Jamaica, where subsidiaries of the […]