Eiffage Energía Group

Eiffage Energía, the Spanish subsidiary of the French group Eiffage, with more than 170 years of history and a turnover of €18,700 million per year, carries out its activity through various business areas, such as renewable energies and electrical infrastructures, installations, maintenance, electromedicine, construction and control systems. With a national implementation of more than 50 delegations, a turnover of around €678M and a workforce of nearly 4,200 employees; In addition, it has 8 subsidiaries, four international, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Jamaica; and four based in Spain, Conscytec, Inelbo, EDS and Electromedical.

The Eiffage group focuses its strategic vision on the ecological transition and the low-carbon model.

Eiffage is a pioneer in its sector in calculating the carbon footprint and in publishing the GHG Emissions Report, integrating the transition to a low-emissions model.

Through the mobilization of all its teams to benefit from its strategic low-carbon plan, the Group sets as a global objective for 2030 the reduction of its internal emissions by 46% and external emissions by 30%.

The positioning of Eiffage Energía as a national and international benchmark in the sector has been possible thanks to our “know-how”, acquired through an experience of over 30 years in the management and implementation of projects, a strong, multidisciplinary management team with wide national and international experience. In short, we are a group with a team of professionals with extensive experience and expertise, with huge technical competence and a financial capacity that allows us to take on any national and international project.

Eiffage Energía focuses its strategic vision on the ecological transition and the low-carbon model”

+ 678 M€
revenue 2021
national delegation
business lines
+ 4.200


Historia de Eiffage Energía

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The origin of Eiffage Energía in Spain dates back to 2003, the year in which Eiffage Énergie began the acquisition of Spanish companies of electrical installation and renewable energy sectors, such as Electrosur XXI, HECOLSA, LECTRO-90, FM2, SECTROL, thus EIFFAGE ENERGÍA is born in 2006
Two new companies, Ambitec, specialising in mechanical installations and Inelbo, specialising in interior electrical installations and maintenance.
Eiffage Energía begins the process of internationalisation with the turnkey construction of the photovoltaic solar plant “Amareleja” in Portugal, considered “the largest and most innovative solar power project in the world”at the time, with a capacity of 46 Megawatts (MW).
Eiffage Energía acquires Electra, a company dedicated to the maintenance of High Voltage installations. That same year, the company’s first Equality Plan was signed to guarantee the principles of equal opportunities and diversity in work teams.
Eiffage Energía consolidates the internationalisation process in Europe with the turnkey construction of Pawlowo wind farm , located in the region of Poznan (Poland).
Eiffage Energía creates the subsidiaries Eiffage Energía Brazil and Eiffage Energía Chile, given the growing internationalisation of the company.
Eiffage Energía set up the subsidiary Eiffage Energía Mexico. On April, Eiffage Energía absorbed definitely Electra.
The Chilean subsidiary of Eiffage Energía is consolidated with the contract of three new photovoltaic solar plants: “Chapeanas” “Mollacas” and ” Quilapilún”, one of the largest solar plants in Chile.
The Eiffage Energía Group celebrates its 15th Anniversary. Having a birthday is a confirmation of a job well done. To which is added the experience and commitment of Eiffage Energía. In these years the company has evolved, becoming a benchmark within the sector at a national and international level.
The Eiffage Energía Group inaugurates its Headquarters located in Albacete.
Nunez de Balboa 500 MW. We finished the construction of the largest Photovoltaic Plant in Europe.