Eiffage Energía México

Building on the momentum of Renewable Energy in Mexico, the subsidiary Eiffage Energía Mexico was created in 2017.  Currently it has a consolidated structure with projects in five states of the Republic, including the construction of the  Andalucía II photovoltaic plant (106 MW),  for OPDEnergy in the State of Coahuila. At the moment, there is great potential in Mexico in terms of installations of less than 500 KW. For this reason, details are being finalized for the collaboration with two large investment funds that seek to invest in this type of client and consider Eiffage Energía México to be a trusted EPCist. In addition, Eiffage Energía México participates in a large number of offers for the construction of projects with Solar and Wind Energy that will translate into a growth of our presence in this country, which continues to offer great opportunities for the development of renewable energies.