Comprehensive Maintenance



We carry out maintenance tasks in buildings and installations, we make energy audits and other services such as cleaning and gardening.

Eiffage Energía has an incident reception Call Centre and a CMMS that ensures flexible management and a detailed record of all proceedings, which allows our customers to follow in real real-time the status of their installations 24 hours/365 days per year.

"Proximity, personal attention, experience, efficiency and speed in the management of incidents, ensure optimum service for our customers. “


Our comprehensive maintenance department, active since 1981, has maintained a constant evolution, expanding and improving its organisation and procedures, which has enabled us to achieve the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Key Figures:

  • More than 3,500 buildings maintained.
  • More than 500 workers including engineers, supervisors and maintenance officers.

Services we provide:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance of installations: low voltage electric installations, transformer centres, electric generators, UPS, structured cabling installations, air-conditioning, heating and plumbing, fire protection systems, etc.
  • Maintenance of various trades: Civil works, metalwork and locksmithing, carpentry, painting, glassware, etc.
  • Energy audits and other services such as cleaning, gardening and disinfection, fumigation and rat control treatments.

Types of services:

  • Predictive and preventive maintenance.
  • Legal technical maintenance.
  • Conductive maintenance.
  • Corrective maintenance.
  • Amending maintenance.
  • Energy maintenance.


Operational tools:

  • Call-Centre and 24 hour service nationwide.
  • SMMS software.
  • Maintenance management web with on line access for our customers.
  • Maintenance management in real time via Smartphone, tablet or PDA.

Industrial maintenance




We provide maintenance services wherever we are active.

Our broad structure and diversity of specialists who make up our different teams give us the ability, knowledge and experience to perform operation and maintenance functions in Power Generation Plants and Industrial Plants.

"Highly Experienced professionals equipped with the most technologically advanced means to provide the best service to our customers."


We have a breakdown service 24 hours-365 days to ensure compliance with response times committed to our customers, by organising specific standby services when they are needed.

Services we provide

  • Maintenance of electrical installations of high and low voltage up to 400 KV
    • Local operation
    • Preventive maintenance.
    • Adjustment and testing of protective relays
    • Analysis of discharges in Continuous Current Batteries.
    • Analysis of Medium and High Voltage Switches
    • Electrical tests of line breakers.
    • Electrical tests on power transformers
    • Maintenance of Load Regulators in power transformers.
    • Testing voltage tolerated in alternating current to 80 KV 
    • Thermography Inspection of Hotspots.
    • 24 H / 365 days assistance.



  • Maintenance of Energy Generation Plants.
    • Photovoltaic Plants
    • Wind Farms
    • Cogeneration Plants
    • Combined Cycle Plants
  • Maintenance of Industrial Installations.
  • Systems of control and instrumentation.
  • Operation and Maintenance of Automation Systems.
  • Communications systems.


Electricity Companies



Since our beginning we have been committed to specialising in the maintenance of electricity companies' low and medium voltage distribution networks, this activity has allowed us to establish ourselves throughout the national territory over the years.

The level of quality and risk prevention required by our customers in this activity allows us to improve as a business everyday, maintaining the firm commitment to achieving the highest standards.

"Today we are a leader in safety matters thanks to our daily effort and commitment to prevention of occupational risks."

At Eiffage Enería we have the largest fleet of insulated lorries to conduct works on live lines using both the remote method as well as the contact method on lines of up to 66 KV. We also have mobile fault detection laboratories for both aerial and underground cables.

Our call centre and standby systems enable us to offer a breakdown service to our customers 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Approved by major electricity companies, we are currently working with the most important ones that operate in the country: Endesa, Iberdrola and Naturgy.

Services we provide

  • Maintenance of distribution networks of low and medium voltage.
  • Maintenance and manoeuvres in transformer centres.
  • Network operation works.
  • Disconnection and metering management, meter reading, meter replacement and installation for telemetry.
  • Live line work and laboratory services for fault detection.
  • Maintenance and operation of substations.
  • Performance of thermography reports.
  • Felling and pruning services.
  • Fault attention service for medium and low voltage, 24 hour distribution centres.
  • Maintenance and repair of Medium Voltage Remote Control incidents..
  • Sample taking for analysis and management of PCBs in transformer dielectric oils. Emergency supply support for areas affected by power cuts due to weather, supplies, etc.