December 2019


Eiffage Energía has been the contracted company for refurbishment works projects in several areas...
23rd Dec 19


Eiffage Energía began to offer the service of supplying power to electric vehicles, due...
11th Dec 19
6D ITS NOW- acción climática global


As the 2019 Climate Summit takes place in Madrid, millions of people will be...
4th Dec 19
November 2019
Encuentro de Eiffage en España


The Eiffage Group’s Chairman and CEO Benoît de Ruffray chaired an Eiffage meeting in...
25th Nov 19


In its effort to improve the search for job vacancies, Eiffage Energía has new...
19th Nov 19

José Manuel Martínez: “We are working in a mutual learning process with Iberdrola ”

Iberdrola has presented Eiffage Energía with the Award for the Best Supplier of the...
12th Nov 19

Iberdrola recognises Eiffage Energía’s work in the field of Occupational Risk Prevention

Iberdrola has recognised Eiffage Energía’s work in the prevention of occupational risks for having...
5th Nov 19
October 2019

Eiffage acquires nine power plants in South West France

Eiffage has just acquired, through Eiffage Concessions, nine micro-hydroelectric plants in South West France,...
29th Oct 19

Eiffage Energía participates in the 37th Seminar of Hospital Engineering – National Congress

Eiffage Energía participates, through its Maintenance and Electro-medicine Division (BIOMEDICAL) and its subsidiary Electromedical,...
24th Oct 19

Eiffage Energía updates its Health and Safety Policy

Eiffage Energía, in its process of continuous improvement towards excellence in health and safety,...
22nd Oct 19

Eiffage Energía will take care of the comprehensive maintenance of several buildings of the Majorca Health Service

Eiffage Energía has been the company awarded, in UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) with...
16th Oct 19


The managing director and CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, has just collected...
11th Oct 19


Jamaica’s Photovoltaic Solar Plant, Paradise Park, developed mostly by Neoen together with Rekamniar Frontier...
9th Oct 19
Rubén Labella_Cruz al Mérito


Rubén Labella Cañada, an Eiffage Energía worker at the local office of Jaén, yesterday...
8th Oct 19
20 años de energías renovables- Eiffage Energía


Eiffage Energía has been working to generate clean energy for over 20 years. Renewable...
1st Oct 19
September 2019


Eiffage Energía works hard every day to promote its values and comply with the...
24th Sep 19


Eiffage Energía collaborates with the teaching programs of different Universities and Educational Centres through...
18th Sep 19
Inauguración Huatacondo_foto


The Huatacondo solar plant, “S4 Solar”, one of the most important solar projects in...
11th Sep 19


Eiffage Energía has agreed to the merger by takeover of the trading company Ambitec,...
4th Sep 19
August 2019
Instalaciones. Ciudad de la Justicia de CLM (Albacete)


More than 25 years of experience in the comprehensive installations sector, a team of...
27th Aug 19

Eiffage Energía, national and international benchmark in electrical infrastructure

Eiffage Energía’s experience in High Voltage Lines has made this company one of the...
20th Aug 19
13th Aug 19

Several rooms at Eiffage Energía’s head office are named after women scientists

Eiffage Energía’s new head office in Spain, located in Albacete, has several rooms named...
6th Aug 19
July 2019

Eiffage Energía will carry out the HVAC installations for the Benito Menni Health Complex in Ciempozuelos

Eiffage Energía is the company which has been awarded the contract to carry out...
30th Jul 19

José Manuel Martínez is appointed delegate of the Eiffage Group in Spain

The CEO and managing director of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, assumes a new...
23rd Jul 19

New AENOR certificates guarantee the management of Eiffage Energía in quality and environment in ten hospitals in the Valencian Community

Eiffage Energía, in its Electro-medical division, which operates in the market through its trademark...
16th Jul 19

Human capital is Eiffage Energía’s main value

At Eiffage Energía we are a company committed to the professional success and development...
9th Jul 19

Eiffage Energía collaborates in building an energy future in Chile with more than 400 MW installed

In 2013 Eiffage Energía Chile came into being with one of the most important...
3rd Jul 19
June 2019

Conscytec is designing and building the Core & Shell of the extension project for the Garbera Shopping Centre in San Sebastián

Conscytec, construction subsidiary of Eiffage Energía through the Eiffage Garbera UTE (Temporary Union of...
18th Jun 19


As it could not have been any other way, Eiffage Energía regards the development...
4th Jun 19
May 2019


Among these measures the establishment of a platform for the receipt of invoices from...
28th May 19

New appointments at Eiffage Energía

Eiffage continues to grow through a steady increase in its workforce, which stands at...
21st May 19

Eiffage Energía is to build two solar parks for OPDEnergy in Mexico and Spain

Eiffage Energía has been the awarded the contract for the construction of two photovoltaic...
15th May 19

Eiffage Energía awarded maintenance contract for the Valencian Regional Government’s courthouses

Eiffage Energía has won a two-year contract to provide maintenance services at 65 courthouses...
8th May 19
April 2019

Eiffage Energía completes the renovation of street lighting in Albacete capital and its industrial estates

Eiffage Energía is working on the renovation of the street lighting in Albacete Capital...
24th Apr 19
Instalación fotovoltaica sede central


15th Apr 19

Eiffage Energía will install systems for charging electric vehicles at the Canal Isabel II offices in Madrid

Eiffage Energía has been awarded the contract to supply and install intelligent equipment and...
9th Apr 19

Eiffage Energía installs defibrillators in its workplaces

Cardio-respiratory arrest is one of the most important public health problems in Spain. There...
2nd Apr 19
March 2019
Trabajadores Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now acquire company shares

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding thanks to the...
18th Mar 19
14th Mar 19
Día Internacional de la Mujer 8 marzo

Eiffage Energía commemorates Women’s Day by promoting measures to achieve co-responsibility

On 8 March International Women’s Day is commemorated, a date that should serve to...
8th Mar 19
February 2019

X-Elio awards Eiffage Energía the construction in Spain of several solar plants with a power over 300 MW

Eiffage Energía is the company that has been awarded the construction of several solar...
19th Feb 19

Eiffage Energia’s new head office, a benchmark in sustainability and energy efficiency

Eiffage Energia’s new head office in Spain, located in Albacete, is aimed at being...
14th Feb 19

Eiffage Energía leads a CDTI project that will prevent forest fires

A consortium of companies, among which is Eiffage Energía as the consortium leader, has...
7th Feb 19
January 2019

Eiffage Energía removes plastic cups from all its local offices

It is estimated that 80% of the products we have at home contain a...
30th Jan 19
Eiffage Energia adquiere la empresa electromedical

Eiffage Energía acquires the company Electromedical

Eiffage Energía has just acquired the company Electromedical, authorised by the Nuclear Safety Council...
22nd Jan 19
14th Jan 19

Eiffage Energía builds first wind farm in Senegal, Northwest of the capital Dakar

Eiffage Energía, in collaboration with Vestas, has launched the construction of the first wind...
10th Jan 19

Conscytec presented its strategic plan for up to 2020

Conscytec, a subsidiary of Eiffage Energía, is Eiffage’s construction company in Spain. Last Friday,...
3rd Jan 19
December 2018
hospital de teruel

Eiffage Energía is awarded the installations of the New Teruel Hospital

Eiffage Energía in UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) with its subsidiary Ambitec, has been...
20th Dec 18

The hero who was wounded while helping various people in a fire

Rubén Labella Cañada made the news last November when he was involved, together with...
12th Dec 18

Wind energy and the 40 years of the Constitution

It’s been 40 years since the democracy was constituted. This year, on the occasion...
5th Dec 18
November 2018

Talent as a commitment to human capital

At Eiffage Energía we are committed to the training and development of our employees....
28th Nov 18

Eiffage Energía at the IV B2B Industrial Meeting of Castilla-La Mancha

Yesterday, we had the good fortune to take part in the IV B2B Industrial...
22nd Nov 18
15th Nov 18
October 2018
mantenimiento ambitec eiffage

Ambitec and the maintenance area

Ambitec is the subsidiary of Eiffage Energía engaging in mechanical installations. With head offices...
31st Oct 18

Eiffage Energía Chile continues with the implementation and improvement of Water Infrastructure projects in Chile

Eiffage Energía through their subsidiary in Chile is building the extension of three water...
25th Oct 18

Eiffage Energía celebrates 15 years

Celebrating a birthday is a fact and, in this case, a confirmation of the...
18th Oct 18

Eiffage Energía is about to complete the works on the Chimiche II Wind Farm works in Tenerife

Eiffage Energía takes on a new renewable energy project. It’s the Chimiche II Wind...
10th Oct 18

Eiffage Energía’s new comprehensive maintenance contracts

The maintenance area is one of the most important for the Eiffage Energía Group....
4th Oct 18
September 2018

Five years of Eiffage Energía Chile

On 27 September, Eiffage Energía will be celebrating the creation of  Eiffage Energía Chile...
25th Sep 18
La mula planta fotovoltaica

Eiffage Energía is awarded the electrical infrastructure of the largest photovoltaic plant in Europe

Eiffage Energía will be in charge of the construction (EPC) of the electrical infrastructure...
19th Sep 18

Eiffage Energía featured on the radio at Feria de Albacete

In the middle of Feria de Albacete, José Manuel Martínez, Managing Director of Eiffage...
14th Sep 18
August 2018

Eiffage Energía and bird life protection

Eiffage Energía has just signed a new contract for bird life protection with the...
29th Aug 18
Eiffage Huatacondo Chile

Eiffage Energía Chile complies with its Corporate Social Responsibility

As a whole and since its inception, the Eiffage Energía Group complies with its...
8th Aug 18

Excellent data on prevention for Eiffage Energía

If 2017 was the year of commitment for Eiffage Energía, it was also the...
1st Aug 18
July 2018

Eiffage Energía together with Schneider Electric builds the photovoltaic plant Paradise Park in Jamaica

Neoen, French independent leader in the production of renewable energy grants Eiffage,through its subsidiary...
26th Jul 18

Solar greenhouses, a new project of Eiffage Energía

The Eiffage Energía Group has launched a new pioneer project in France: photovoltaic greenhouses....
19th Jul 18

Eiffage Energía’s most important substations

Eiffage energy stands out as a benchmark company in the construction of substations in...
10th Jul 18

Maintenance contract for Eiffage Energía with Babcock Spai

Eiffage Energía is developing new maintenance activities for the Babcock International Group, a multinational...
6th Jul 18

Eiffage Energía’s new AENOR certificates

Last Tuesday Eiffage Energía received two new AENOR certificates at its head office in...
6th Jul 18

Eiffage Energía has been awarded the LV and MV electrical installation for the City of Justice of Albacete.

Eiffage Energía has recently received a new award. It concerns the electrical installation of...
6th Jul 18

Renewable energies mature in Spain

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía explains in the blog Ecológica of El...
4th Jul 18
May 2018

Eiffage Energía and the University of Alicante

Eiffage Energía, through its LevanteTerritorial Division, is immersed in new works of electrification and...
30th May 18

Huatacondo, Eiffage Energía’s megaproject in Chile

Last October in the middle of the Atacama desert the first stone of the...
23rd May 18

Supporting Global Recycling Day

Recycling is a process through which we convert rubbish or waste into new products...
17th May 18

Eiffage Energía launches new project for Redexis Gas

Eiffage Energía has achieved a new tender covering the works in the areas of...
8th May 18

Interview with the CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, in Energía of Castilla-La Mancha

“A clear commitment from our leaders for a model of renewable electricity consumption”. With...
3rd May 18
April 2018

Eiffage Energía becomes part of ADEMI’s Board of Directors

ADEMI is the Spanish Association of Industrial Maintenance and Services, Assembly, Engineering Companies founded...
24th Apr 18
13th Apr 18

Opening of a new local office in Aragón

Eiffage Energía reinforces it position in the Northern Area of Spain with the opening...
4th Apr 18

Inelbo wins the 2017 Prever Award

Inelbo, a subsidiary of Eiffage Energy, specialising in electrical interior installations and maintenance has...
3rd Apr 18

Eiffage Energía and its II Equality Plan

Each year the International Women’s Day reminds us of the importance in defending gender...
3rd Apr 18
March 2018

Eiffage’s capital increase reserved for workers in the Group

Eiffage Energía’s workers can now become part of the company’s shareholding. In 2018, Grupo...
27th Mar 18

Eiffage Energía signs new maintenance contracts in Valencia

As a benchmark company in the national territory specialised in maintenance, Eiffage Energía carries...
20th Mar 18
February 2018

New framework contract for maintenance and implementation with Endesa

Eiffage Energía continues to be a benchmark in each and every one of the...
28th Feb 18

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía, on the CMM (Castilla La Mancha Media) programme ‘En Profundidad’

Eiffage Energía’s expansion at global and national level, day by day, is a growing...
21st Feb 18

Eiffage Energía closes 2017 with positive results

Eiffage Energía closes 2017 with a turnover of 245 million euros, representing an increase...
14th Feb 18

Great positioning for Eiffage Energía in maintenance

The Eiffage Energía’s areas of comprehensive and electro-medicine maintenance (electro-medical maintenance ) face 2018...
8th Feb 18
January 2018

Eiffage Energía acquires the company EDS

Eiffage Energía starts the new year with the purchase of the company EDS Ingeniería...
31st Jan 18

Eiffage Energía adheres to the Program of the Spanish Institute for Women’s Affairs

Last Friday the monitoring committee of the agreement for raising awareness against gender-based violence...
23rd Jan 18

Eiffage Energía implements the work on the Avenida de América Health Centre in Córdoba

The new award of Eiffage Energía is in the field of healthcare. Eiffage Energía...
18th Jan 18

Eiffage Energía with Friends of Mali

Progress and human development is one of Eiffage Energía’s values. Throughout the years, the...
11th Jan 18

New maintenance contract at the Hospital Universitari in Valencia

Eiffage Energía has just signed a new contract for the comprehensive maintenance of the electromedical...
3rd Jan 18
December 2017

2017, a year of commitments at Eiffage Energía

It’s almost time to send off this year, that for Eiffage Energía has been filled...
28th Dec 17

Eiffage Energía’s fleet renewal plan continues with Renault

In less than a month, Eiffage Energía has made two deliveries of cars within...
21st Dec 17

Eiffage Energía receives the Business Achievement Award

Yesterday in Ciudad Real, on the occasion of its II edition, Castilla-La Mancha awarded...
14th Dec 17

Eiffage Energía’s commitment

Only one word but full of significance. The term commitment is the essence of...
12th Dec 17

Eiffage Energía renews its vehicle fleet with Volkswagen

In its ongoing process of updating and expansion, Eiffage Energía has carried out an...
5th Dec 17
November 2017

Eiffage Energía receives new AENOR certificates

AENOR-certificates reward the commitment to quality, environment and energy efficiency, improving the performance, development...
30th Nov 17
22nd Nov 17

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía for Forbes Magazine

Responsibility, trust and transparency are just three of the many values which a company...
15th Nov 17

More aid for renewable energy and energy efficiency in Castilla-La Mancha

Clean energy no longer presents a challenge in becoming an essential habit for all...
8th Nov 17
October 2017

Eiffage Energía signs new contracts for operation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic plants

Eiffage Energía has just signed new contracts for operating and maintaining photovoltaic power facilities....
31st Oct 17

Eiffage Energía to improve the passport control zone at Alicante-Elche airport

The awarding of this work to Eiffage Energía to be performed from its territorial...
25th Oct 17

Eiffage Energía obtains the energy management system certification awarded by AENOR

Eiffage Energía has obtained the certification for its Energy Management System according to the...
17th Oct 17

The first stone is laid at the Huatacondo Photovoltaic Plant

At about 10:30 yesterday morning (Chile time) the first stone was laid at Huatacondo,...
6th Oct 17

Eiffage Energía signs a Comprehensive Maintenance contract for the Miguel Hernández University of Alicante

Recently, Eiffage Energía has signed a new contract awarded for comprehensive maintenance for newly...
3rd Oct 17
September 2017

Ambitec celebrates 10 years with Eiffage Energía

The subsidiary of Eiffage Energía in Spain, dedicated to mechanical installations, celebrates its 10th...
28th Sep 17

Interview with Javier García Cruzado, director of Eiffage Energía Chile

Eiffage Energía Chile is one of Eiffage Energía’s subsidiaries in Latin America specialised in...
27th Sep 17

Eiffage Energía, one of Iberdrola’s leading suppliers of low and medium voltage power lines.

Recently, Eiffage Energía has been awarded the framework contract for the maintenance of low...
19th Sep 17

The first stone is laid at Eiffage Energía’s new head office in Albacete

This very morning, at about 12:00 midday took place the act of the inauguration...
14th Sep 17

Eiffage Energía begins construction of the new head office in Spain, located in Albacete

Coinciding with the Feria de Albacete (Albacete’s Fair) which starts on 7 September, works...
7th Sep 17
August 2017

Eiffage Energía continues its international expansion with a new subsidiary in Jamaica

Eiffage Energía has set foot in America to stay. This time, the Group’s latest...
31st Aug 17

Eiffage Energía will carry out the low-voltage electrical installation works at the former Tabacalera building in Madrid

Eiffage Energía will be responsible for rewiring the low-voltage power installation at the Tabacalera...
23rd Aug 17

European Green Capital Award: a tribute to the cleanest cities

A cleaner city, aiming for a better and healthier future. The desire to live...
16th Aug 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA wants you to become part of its professional team

Eiffage Energía is a company in continuous growth. In the area of electrical infrastructures,...
10th Aug 17
July 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA’S electro-medical area obtains the AENOR certificate for quality management for medical products and environment

Eiffage Energía, in its Electro-medical division (BIOMEDICAL), has obtained, through AENOR, the certification for...
26th Jul 17

Quilapilún has been inaugurated, the large-scale Solar Plant built by EIFFAGE ENERGÍA in Chile

Chilean ministers of Energy, Andrés Rebolledo and of Environment, Marcelo Mena, have inaugurated the...
20th Jul 17

Eiffage will construct a photovoltaic plant in Chile of 103 MW for 135 million euros

Eiffage has just signed a contract to build the Huatacondo photovoltaic plant in Chile,...
5th Jul 17
June 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA will take part in the electrification of the railway network in Majorca

Eiffage Energía will take part in the electrification of the railway network of Majorca...
29th Jun 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA strengthens its position in the maintenance market of the building sector

Eiffage Energía is improving its position in the maintenance market of the building sector,...
19th Jun 17

CONSCYTEC, Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary construction company is now 15 years old

Conscytec, Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary construction company, has its 15th anniversary. It was created in...
14th Jun 17

The aim of the Eiffage Group is to become a leader in occupational risks prevention

The Eiffage Group, in its more than 500 subsidiaries worldwide, is developing a broad...
13th Jun 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA strengthens its position in the electro-medical market

With the creation of the trademark  Eiffage Biomedical  and the incorporation of more than 70...
8th Jun 17

Stoneshill Solar Farm: the latest photovoltaic plant built by Eiffage Energía

Eiffage Energía continues to add projects to its already ample portfolio. This time the...
1st Jun 17
May 2017

Inelbo celebrated its 30th anniversary

The celebration of the 30th anniversary of Inelbo, subsidiary of Eiffage Energía, specialised in...
25th May 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA against the effects of climate change

Climate change is a reality of which Eiffage Energía is extremely aware, so much...
18th May 17

Inelbo’s 30th Anniversary

Inelbo, one of our subsidiaries specialising in all types of interior installations and electrical...
11th May 17

Ambitec collaborates in the construction of the Alisios Shopping Centre

Eiffage Energía, through its subsidiary  Ambitec, is taking part in the construction of the...
4th May 17
April 2017
27th Apr 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA is awarded a new contract for the maintenance of Correos’ (Spanish Post Office) buildings and installations.

Eiffage Energía has been awarded the contract for maintenance of buildings and associated fixed...
20th Apr 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA, one of the leading EPC companies in the market

Eiffage Energía has become one of the leading EPC companies in wind farms and...
11th Apr 17

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA has taken part in the project to improve the electricity network of Las Hurdes

Eiffage Energía has participated in the project of renewal of the electric network of...
5th Apr 17
March 2017

In search of energy interconnection

According to an article recently published in El Economista, we live in an age...
29th Mar 17

Ambitec is awarded a ventilation and refrigeration project

Eiffage Energía, through its subsidiary Ambitec, has been awarded the project of ventilation and...
23rd Mar 17

Low Bentham, the twentieth photovoltaic plant built by Eiffage Energía in the UK

Eiffage Energía has carried out the installation of the Low Bentham photovoltaic plant in...
16th Mar 17

Eiffage Energía receives recognition for its low number of workplace accidents

Last Friday 4 March, Eiffage Energía received the Ibermutuamur diploma, Mutua de Accidentes de...
9th Mar 17

Eiffage Energía takes on the maintenance for the Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Plant of Castellón

Eiffage Energía has received the award for the maintenance of Iberdrola’s Combined Cycle Gas...
2nd Mar 17
February 2017

Eiffage Energía takes on the PV maintenance activity of Conergy España

Following the winding up of Conergy España, Eiffage Energía successfully bid at public auction...
23rd Feb 17

We are continuing to improve our management and internal communication tools

In keeping with the line that began a few months ago with the creation...
16th Feb 17

The number of workplace accidents has fallen by more than 80 % in recent years

The number of workplace accidents has fallen by more than 80% in recent years...
7th Feb 17

The Eiffage Energía Group ends 2016 with a turnover of over 208 million euros and about 1,800 jobs

The Eiffage Energía Group, a subsidiary of the fifth European concessions and construction group...
2nd Feb 17
January 2017

Eiffage Energía develops a platform for the comprehensive management of projects

Eiffage Energía will develop, within the period of one year, a platform for the...
26th Jan 17

Futur Energy echoes Eiffage Energía’s projects

At the end of the year 2016, the magazine Futur Energy, one of the...
17th Jan 17

Eiffage Energía will implement the installation of 117 solar greenhouses in France

Eiffage Energía will be the company responsible for implementing, within a period of six...
9th Jan 17

Two workers from Eiffage Energía are among the winners of the photography contest “The Force of Nature”

Recently we have heard the verdict of the “The force of Nature” awards, the...
3rd Jan 17
December 2016

More than 2,000 people of Cuenca will benefit from the construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has given the go ahead to the construction project...
27th Dec 16

The Eiffage Energía subsidiaries in Latin America and Spain

Just over two and a half months ago Eiffage Energía inaugurated its new subsidiary...
22nd Dec 16
November 2016

EIFFAGE Energía finishes the refurbishment of the Solvia offices for Banco Sabadell in Alicante

Eiffage Energía has carried out the refurbishment work for Banco Sabadell. The work took...
30th Nov 16

Construction in Spain is back at a positive rate

According to the statistical office Eurostat, activity of the construction sector in Spain began...
23rd Nov 16

Spain could convert solar energy into its very own ‘oil’

In the words of Jorge Morales de Labra, vice president of the Fundación Renovables...
17th Nov 16

Students of the Technological University of Chile visit the Quilapilún Solar Park

On 24 October, a group of students from the Studies Program of Electronic Engineering...
10th Nov 16

The changing of the clock does not mean a saving of energy

November has arrived and with it the changing of the clock. One of the main...
2nd Nov 16
October 2016
27th Oct 16

How to use the force of a typhoon to generate wind power

In the Pacific Ocean, in 2016 alone, twenty typhoons have occurred. A unique atmospheric...
19th Oct 16

We launch the new intranet for Eiffage Energía workers

At Eiffage Energía we are well aware that our workers are the main key...
10th Oct 16

This is the new Eiffage Energía International Department.

The process of expanding our business outside Spain is continuing successfully. What began in...
7th Oct 16

Eiffage Energía aims for the distinctive of Excellence in equality, reconciliation and corporate social responsibility

According to the Edenred-IESE reconciliation barometer, productivity in companies can increase by up to...
5th Oct 16

The most important Eiffage Energía projects in 2016

Time flies, and if 2015 ended with the achievement of major milestones in Eiffage...
4th Oct 16
September 2016

Eiffage Energía continues its international expansion with a new subsidiary in Peru

Eiffage Energía has arrived in Latin America to stay. This is demonstrated by our...
29th Sep 16

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía, speaks of renewable energy in Executive Sector

The CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, signs an op-ed piece recently published...
21st Sep 16

New maintenance contract awarded to Eiffage Energía for the Redexis Gas facilities

Eiffage Energía began its trajectory in the gas sector in February 2014, after the...
12th Sep 16

Countdown to the European Mobility Week 2016

Next September 16th the European Mobility Week 2016 (SEM 2016) will commence. It is...
8th Sep 16

The revolution of materials in the construction industry

It is said that in life one has to adapt or perish. The construction industry,...
2nd Sep 16
August 2016

Eiffage Energía starts works at Requejada reservoir

Finally, the precarious situation of Requejada reservoir, built in 1940 in the district of...
24th Aug 16

Cestas solar power plant, among the ten largest in the world

A recent media survey published a list of ten solar plants around the world...
18th Aug 16

Eiffage Energía signs a new framework contract for network development and maintenance with Unión Fenosa Distribución

Thanks to our extensive experience in Development and Maintenance Work for Distribution Networks and...
10th Aug 16
July 2016

Eiffage Energía has generated 10,000 jobs in Renewable Energy, 70% of which are in Albacete

It is decades since at Eiffage Energía we have pursued a clear objective from...
27th Jul 16

How to extract biomass to control forest fires

It is said that Nature is wise. So much so, that when we listen...
20th Jul 16

Acuaes awards Eiffage Energía the electrical connection of the new Waste Water Treatment Plant in Reza

After a bidding process which involved a total of 12 companies, finally Eiffage Energía...
13th Jul 16

Eiffage Energy’s contribution to the wind power capacity of Castilla-La Mancha region

A few days back, RTV Castilla-La Mancha’s daily news reported that the Spanish Community...
4th Jul 16
June 2016
Force-Nature 2016-Competition-Eiffage-Energia

The Force of Nature: the star of the new Eiffage photo contest

“The Force of Nature” is the name given to the company photo contest organized...
30th Jun 16

Employees of Eiffage Energía can now be shareholders of the company

Recently, Eiffage has increased the capital for its employees within the Common Investment Fund...
29th Jun 16

Eiffage purchases 1 % of its capital from Bpifrance

On the 20th of May 2016, national investment bank Bpifrance announced the successful launch...
20th Jun 16

European Energy Week looks to the consumer

Power to the Consumer is the leitmotiv with which started yesterday 13 June the...
14th Jun 16

Eiffage Energía signs the expansion and upgrading of the facilities of the Penitentiary Centre of Foncalent (Alicante)

The experience, strength and versatility of Eiffage Energía in the development and implementation of...
8th Jun 16

Eiffage Energía successfully tackles its first project in Africa

The range of Eiffage Energía’s activities outside Spain started when it began the process...
2nd Jun 16
May 2016

Looking for energy efficiency in the III Congress for Almost Zero Energy Buildings

A few weeks ago, we centred the attention of the Eiffage Energía news section...
25th May 16

Live Line Work, a fundamental task of Eiffage Energía

At Eiffage Energía we have spent years tackling Live Line Work (LLW), an experience...
17th May 16

How should countries move towards a new energy model

How should countries move towards a new energy model? Are sustainability and energy consumption...
13th May 16

Construction is reconciled with the environment thanks to the passivhaus

Those who are most enthusiastic about sustainable construction will surely be familiar with a...
5th May 16
April 2016

Nine countries will arrive at the renewable revolution before 2020

it’s been 12 years since that conference in which Europe set a clear goal...
28th Apr 16

Is society prepared for the effects of climate change?

From 17 April and until next Friday 22, scientists from around the world are...
21st Apr 16

Eiffage Energía is awarded the project for the construction of Olimpo City in Albacete

At Eiffage Energía we always rely on the best professionals to undertake all the...
15th Apr 16

Producing energy through reverse photosynthesis

From our most basic education we have assimilated that the process of plant photosynthesis...
7th Apr 16
March 2016

Eiffage Energía is beginning the refurbishment of the heating systems for the Hyde Park Lane in Lanzarote

The month of April will begin with good prospects for Eiffage Energía. It is...
29th Mar 16

New contract awarded to Eiffage Energía in the Glòries Shopping Centre, Barcelona.

Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary, Conscytec, just received the award of a new civil works project....
18th Mar 16

Eiffage Energía with International Women's Day

It was in 1975 when the UN General Assembly officially declared the 8th of...
8th Mar 16

In Eiffage Energía we are committed to energy efficiency

On Saturday 5 March, the world will celebrate the International Energy Efficiency Day. At Eiffage...
3rd Mar 16
February 2016

Eiffage Energía returns to the United Kingdom with a new renewable energy project

Eiffage Energía’s trajectory in renewable energy reaches a new goal thanks to the award...
24th Feb 16

Sierra Gorda, Eiffage Energía’s latest project in Chile

In its relentless expansion process through the countries of Latin America, Eiffage Energía has...
17th Feb 16

Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for occupational hazard prevention

Eiffage Energía receives recognition from Iberdrola for the prevention of occupational hazards on 11...
15th Feb 16

Completion of the project for energy efficiency of the street lighting in Navas del Marqués

At Eiffage Energía, we continue to meet our commitment to energy efficiency, which is...
5th Feb 16
January 2016

Eiffage Energía faces an important expansion which is reflected in its employment figures

Eiffage energía has increased its workforce by almost five hundred workers, counting, at the...
27th Jan 16

Clean energy saves us money

According to an interview published recently in the newspaper El Mundo with the Professor...
19th Jan 16
December 2015

Benoît de Ruffray appointed Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Eiffage

Eiffage board organises the new governance under the chairmanship and executive office of Benoît...
10th Dec 15
November 2015
I Jornada de Sensibilización en PRL

Workplace accidents decrease in Eiffage Energía over 80% in the last five years

Eiffage Energía CEO, José Manuel Martínez highlighted the 80% drop workplace accidents in the...
26th Nov 15
October 2015

Eiffage announces the death of its president and CEO Pierre Berger

Eiffage announces with great sadness that its president and CEO Pierre Berge died last...
23rd Oct 15
September 2015

Eiffage Energía is involved in the first Albacete Employment Fair

José Manuel Martínez, Eiffage Energía General Manager attended the closure of First Albacete Employment...
3rd Sep 15
August 2015

Eiffage Energía will build a solar plant in Chile for 30 million euros.

Eiffage Energía, through its Chilean subsidiary, has been awarded two contracts for the construction...
3rd Aug 15
July 2015

Eiffage Energía participates in the supplier’s event organized by Iberdrola in Castilla la Mancha

Eiffage Energía has participated in “the current and future supplier’s event organized by Iberdrola:...
21st Jul 15
May 2015

Conscytec highlights the good rhythm in Torre 4 Porta Firal works

Construction works for concrete structures in Torre 4 de la Porta Firal (Barcelona-Spain), which...
14th May 15
March 2015

Eiffage Energía has just signed contract with the Post N.C. for its buildings’ maintenance

Eiffage Energía has just signed the contract with the Post National Company for the...
18th Mar 15

Results for the tax year 2014 proving Eiffage Energía’s growth and consolidation

Eiffage Energy last year increased its workforce by 12.14%, going from 1212 workers in...
3rd Mar 15
February 2015
Entrevista director general Eiffage Energía II Foro Pyme CLM

Eiffage Energía General Manager attended the II Foro Pyme of Castilla-La Mancha

Eiffage Energía General Manager, José Manuel Martínez, attended to the second edition of Foro Pyme...
19th Feb 15
Energías renovables

Eiffage Energía keeps on growing in UK being a referent in photovoltaic projects

Eiffage Energía presence in UK is consolidated after being awarded three new projects for...
16th Feb 15
10th Feb 15
January 2015

Eiffage Energía se adjudica un nuevo parque eólico en Polonia

Eiffage Energía  ha resultado adjudicataria por parte de Acciona Energía de la construcción de...
12th Jan 15
November 2014

Eiffage Energía starts Works for New Hospital facilities in Cazorla

Eiffage Energía starts Works related to the electrical, lighting and telecommunication facilities in the...
24th Nov 14

MMI Magazine interviews Eiffage Energía CEO

Eiffage Energía CEO, José Manuel Martinez, has granted an interview to MMI Magazine (Engineering,...
20th Nov 14

Eiffage Energía CEO bet for internalization and diversification with the aim to strengthen industrial network

José Manuel Martínez participated in the Conference about reindustrialization carried out in Castilla-La Mancha...
13th Nov 14

Eiffage Energía is involved in the construction of the biggest PV Plant in Europe

The Groups Eiffage, Schneider Electric and Krinner have published that they will build the biggest PV Plant in Europe,...
10th Nov 14

Eiffage Energía start works for power supply to Hydraulic pump station of la Brena II dam

Eiffage Energía will start next week works for power line which will supply power...
6th Nov 14
October 2014

Eiffage Energía involved in the development of 30% total photovoltaic power installed

After being awarded last August the civil Works of PV Javiera (Chile), Eiffage Energía through...
27th Oct 14

Eiffage Energía improves his presence in Europe thank to several PV Plants in UK

Eiffage Energía improves his presence in Europe after being awarded several projects for construction...
15th Oct 14

Eiffage Energía builds Air Conditioning system in New Justice Palace of La Rioja

Eiffage Energía through its branch Ambitec S.A.U. will finish in the late year the...
6th Oct 14
July 2014

Eiffage Energía is considered like one of the best companies of Renewable Energy

Eiffage Energía has been selected as example of competitive company in the renewable energy...
23rd Jul 14
November 2013

Involved in all main electrical projects carried out in Spain

Eiffage Energía is currently involved through its High Voltage Department in almost all main...
25th Nov 13
October 2013

Eiffage Energía is awarded by ADIF

Board of directors of ADIF has agreed to award Eiffage Energy  a contract for...
31st Oct 13

Eiffage Energie starts to work at Cartagena REPSOL complex

Eiffage Energy has just been awarded in recent weeks several engineering projects, assembly and...
30th Oct 13
September 2013

Eiffage Energía is awarded with two new contracts in Belgic and France

Eiffage Energía has been awarded by one of the major wind promoters worldwide, with...
12th Sep 13

Eiffage Energía keeps on betting firmly in safety

In the 5th and 6th of September 2013, Eiffage Energía developed within its facilities...
12th Sep 13
April 2013

Sector Empresarial, General Manager Interview

April 2013 edition. Interview to our General Manager José Manuel Martínez García, who talks...
15th Apr 13

New high-voltage submarine link between Mallorca and Ibiza

Eiffage Energia has been awarded by Nexans, a package of more than € 8...
4th Apr 13

Involved in strengthening for electrical interconnection between Spain and France

Eiffage Energia has been awarded by Prysmian a large part of the project which...
3rd Apr 13
August 2012

Eiffage Energy consolidates its international presence.

Eiffage Energy has been awarded the contract for the Pawlowo wind farm in Poland...
8th Aug 12
January 2012

AENA introduces LED lighting in terminals 1,2 and 3 at the Barajas Airport to save on energy and cost.

Eiffage Energy is the company which has been charged with installing the new LED solution,...
2nd Jan 12