Project description

Detail and key figures

The plant has 25 generating units, a power of 300 megawatts (MW) is directly connected to the very high voltage network. It will produce more than 350,000,000 KWh (350 gigawatts per hour), which is equivalent to the average energy consumption of the entire population of Bordeaux.

  • Owner: Clemessy.
  • Price: €3,600,000.
  • Time for completion: November 2014 to October 2015.
  • Location: Cestas, near Bordeaux (France).

Main characterictics:

  • The consortium formed by Eiffage (through its subsidiary Clemessy), Schneider Electric and Krinner has carried out the construction of one of Europe's largest PV projects.
  • Connection of 1,000,000 photovoltaic panels.
  • Laying of 4,600,000 metres of solar cable.
  • Implementation of 200,000 multicontact connectors and earth connection of support structure.
  • Performance of no load V0 and load V/I voltage tests for 60,000 strings.
  • Thermography testing for 3700 boxes of strings and 20,000 multicontact connectors.
  • In the Energy division of Eiffage Group, European leader in concessions and construction, Clemessy and Eiffage Energy collect all the knowledge needed to design, integrate, install, maintain and improve systems and electrical engineering and mechanical engineering equipment.

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