Project description

Detail and key figures

  • Owner: Vodafone España - Bovis – Tetris.
  • Price: 2.4 million €.
  • Main Contractor: Conscytec – Eiffage Energía.
  • Location: Madrid.

Main characterictics:

  • Responsibility: Project Management and Site Manager.
  • Comprehensive remodelling of outdoor spaces with a total of 8.000m2.
  • Waterproofing of public space over the car park and performing continuous floor surface finishes.
  • Placement and construction of urban furniture.
  • Construction of decorative pergolas, as well as of the 225m3 retro illuminated cube.
  • Extension of existing buildings.
  • Replacing lighting installations, drainage systems, signposting, irrigation and fire protection systems, landscaping,...

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