OCPP – Modbus gateways for the control of electric vehicle chargers

The SGA Solutions® department partnered by the Intesis brand, developed the innovative OCPP – Modbus gateways. They are designed for the integration of electric vehicle (EV) charging points into the building management system (BMS).

OCPP – Modbus gateways allow two-way communication. This enables the BMS to access all signals from the chargers in a simple way

Gateways are a unique solution. They adapt to all types of EV charging point control projects, allowing the company to integrate the gateways into the Modbus system or to work with an external central system, with the BMS able to access the control data. This innovative project received significant internal funding from the Eiffage Group for its development and implementation. This makes Inelbo the first non-French company in the Group to obtain Seed’Innov.


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