Parque Puy Du Fou Spain

Conscytec, a subsidiary of Eiffage Energía, and our installations department participated in two of these shows: The Last Song, which tells the tale of the exploits of El Cid, and Allende the Ocean Sea, an full-immersion show giving visitors the chance to embark on the Santa Maria and experience the great voyage of Christopher Columbus first hand.

Puy du Fou Spain is on its way to becoming an ambassador of the Spain Brand, as a key player in the economic recovery and the reactivation of domestic tourism in our country. All of this is thanks to an artistic concept that is unique in the world. Its predecessor in France has twice been singled out for the “Best Park in the World” award.

Over the course of the 2021 season it hopes to welcome a million visitors who will find plenty of excitement in each of the tales told in every corner of this new world.

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Puy Du Fou Spain



2019 -2020


Toledo, Spain