Social responsibility

We understand that business practices must be based on ethical values and on respect for the employees, communities and the environment. Our goal is to achieve a solid organisation that will serve as a development framework for our Corporate Social Responsibility, contributing, actively and voluntarily, to the social, environmental and economic development of our environment. Year after year we collaborate with associations and foundations for people with physical disabilities such as AMIAB (Association for people with disabilities in the province of Albacete) and the ASLA foundation that stems from ASPRONA, a non-profit association whose mission is “to improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families.”
Equality between men and women is another of our priorities, equal treatment and opportunities materialised in the Eiffage Energía’s Equality Plan III, published in the B:O:E: (Spanish Official Gazette) on 16 January 2020. We adhere to the Global Compact of the United Nations Human Rights, whose principles are based on Universal Declarations and Conventions applied in four areas: Human Rights, Environment, Labour Standards and Anti-corruption.

The successful integration into Spanish society and culture of foreign employees is another priority for us, having employees of more than fourteen nationalities, carrying out support and protection tasks from the time of their arrival in the company..”