Low carbon strategy

Our vision

Knowing how to make a difference through sustainable development in all its components has been a mainstay of the Group’s concerns. For over 10 years, with our customers, our suppliers and our partners, as an integrator of the city and sustainable infrastructures, we have been aware of the challenges to be met to adopt sustainable growth and have mobilised all our skills to contribute to the ecological transition. We are therefore committed to reducing our carbon footprint and preserving life in our construction and concession businesses.

Responsibility and “low carbon” commitment

Green transition and innovation are the key pillars of our strategic plan. Our innovation policy and R&D investments focus on the low-carbon economy. Our objective is an overall reduction in emissions throughout the value chain. Our differentiating solutions need to help our customers reduce their own emissions as far as possible, in line with our strategy and values. Our low-carbon strategy revolves around two main objectives: first, the reduction of internal emissions in all the Group’s businesses; second, the development of new low-carbon offers or the generalisation of those already offered by the various branches of activity. Accordingly, we are committed to:
  • limiting our internal carbon footprint to be exemplary in our own emissions;
  • being a player in the low-carbon economy by providing our customers with low-emission technical and commercial offers

Ecological Transition. Our strategy

Biodiversity at the heart of our business

The low-carbon strategy, obvious

The imperative of the circular economy

Innovating now and for the future