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18 Jun 2019

Conscytec is designing and building the Core & Shell of the extension project for the Garbera Shopping Centre in San Sebastián

Conscytec, construction subsidiary of Eiffage Energía through the Eiffage Garbera UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) formed by Conscytec-Eiffage Energía, has designed and is building the Core & Shell (Earthmoving, Foundation and Containment, Structure, Roof, Façade Enclosure, Sanitation Network and Earthing Network) of the Garbera Shopping Centre, in San Sebastián, for Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, which will become the main comprehensive leisure centre of Guipúzcoa. The project, which aims to achieve the Breeam Excellent certificate of sustainability and which is managed using BIM 3D, […]

03 Jan 2019

Conscytec presented its strategic plan for up to 2020

Conscytec, a subsidiary of Eiffage Energía, is Eiffage’s construction company in Spain. Last Friday, 21 December, at a ceremony presided over by its new director since September of this year 2018, Asensio V. Rodríguez, accompanied by José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía, Conscytec presented its strategic plan for up to 2020. During the event, held at the newly completed premises of the new head office of the group in Albacete and which was attended by the entire workforce, the […]

23 Nov 2016

Construction in Spain is back at a positive rate

According to the statistical office Eurostat, activity of the construction sector in Spain began to show a positive rate again in September. This is happening despite the fact that during the month of August, activity in this sector suffered a decline of 4.3 %. This return to positive rates results in a rise in production in the construction sector by 3.9 % compared to September 2015. Eiffage Energía offers its clients a comprehensive service in the field of Civil Engineering […]

02 Sep 2016

The revolution of materials in the construction industry

It is said that in life one has to adapt or perish. The construction industry, which has made many changes throughout history, seems to have chosen the first option, and is currently preparing, lead by Science, to pass on to a new level as far as materials are concerned. So, wood, cement, brick or concrete will, in the coming years, give way to other derivative materials on which researchers around the world work tirelessly and, which will achieve that buildings in […]

05 May 2016

Construction is reconciled with the environment thanks to the passivhaus

Those who are most enthusiastic about sustainable construction will surely be familiar with a term which is now used, more than ever, within circles of architects, designers and structural engineers. We are talking about the passivhaus or, translated from German to English: passive house, a standard of building construction that has its foundations on commitment to the environment. Officially formed in 1988 by professors Bo Adamson, from the Swedish University of Lund, and Wolfgang Feist, from the German Institute of […]

15 Apr 2016

Eiffage Energía is awarded the project for the construction of Olimpo City in Albacete

At Eiffage Energía we always rely on the best professionals to undertake all the works and projects assigned to us. Our subsidiaries follow the same path; among them, Conscytec, that specialises in the implementation and management of projects within the areas of construction and civil works. Conscytec’s competitiveness is based on, among other things, the comprehensive service that it offers to our customers, which includes new construction, rehabilitation and refurbishment, and covers all phases of the project according to its […]

18 Mar 2016

New contract awarded to Eiffage Energía in the Glòries Shopping Centre, Barcelona.

Eiffage Energía’s subsidiary, Conscytec, just received the award of a new civil works project. It is the extension and refurbishment of the whole commercial and leisure Glòries Shopping Centre in Barcelona. Jacobs, one of the biggest suppliers of professional services and construction techniques in the world, has contracted Conscytec to reinforce the structure and carry out the extension of the Centre, located for more than 15 years in a continuously developing urban enclave of the city of Barcelona. To undertake […]

14 May 2015

Conscytec highlights the good rhythm in Torre 4 Porta Firal works

Construction works for concrete structures in Torre 4 de la Porta Firal (Barcelona-Spain), which are being carried out by Conscytec team have a good progress, so they will be finished in the early 2016. Deadline is stablished in 10.5 months and the budget is close to 3 million €. This building, which corresponds to the fourth tower included in Porta Firal project has 17 floors and occupies an area of approximately 20.282 m2. Iberdrola Inmobiliaria Cataluña awarded Eiffage Energía last […]