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10 Oct 2018

Eiffage Energía is about to complete the works on the Chimiche II Wind Farm works in Tenerife

Eiffage Energía takes on a new renewable energy project. It’s the Chimiche II Wind Farm (18.2 MW) on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The wind farm, which is already nearly built, will have 7 GAMESA G114 wind turbines of 2,625 MW and a 4 km evacuation line. The Farm is situated in CHIMICHE II to the Northwest of the South Motorway (TF-1) of Tenerife and will become one of the flagship projects for Eiffage Energía and for […]

11 Jan 2018

Eiffage Energía with Friends of Mali

Progress and human development is one of Eiffage Energía’s values. Throughout the years, the Company, through the Eiffage Group , has taken part in solidarity actions to give visibility to projects which NGOs undertake to help the population in developing countries. Doing our bit, we have collaborated with the Organisation “Africa Project, Friends of Mali” a DNGO (Development Non Governmental Organisation) that works to achieve the sustainable development of Malian society. A goal that is being achieved, day by day, […]

28 Dec 2017

2017, a year of commitments at Eiffage Energía

It’s almost time to send off this year, that for Eiffage Energía has been filled with new projects, awards and several other items of good news. Therefore, before the new year starts, let us look back at all the activities and projects that the company has carried out throughout these months. This is a reminder that continuing along this path is the key to building a more sustainable world in which to live. New AENOR certificates Throughout this year, the Spanish […]

22 Nov 2017

Eiffage Energía in the Energy and Heating special supplementary of the Tribuna de Albacete online newspaper

Taking stock at the end of each year becomes customary when there is the assurance of having done things well. So it has been for Eiffage Energía, which, following in the wake of all these years presents a positive overview of the year that is about to end. José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía for over eleven years, has shared an interesting talk in La Tribuna de Albacete, in particular in the special supplementary on Heating and Energy to […]

25 Oct 2017

Eiffage Energía to improve the passport control zone at Alicante-Elche airport

The awarding of this work to Eiffage Energía to be performed from its territorial office in Levante, is already underway to renew the passport control area where a large flow of passengers converges. Eiffage Energía will be performing these works at Alicante-Elche airport under the management of AENA, and in a JV (Joint Venture) with Sigma Infraestructuras SL. to improve and expand the queuing areas for non-Schengen passport control. The works at the AENA passport control passenger confluence area will have […]

02 Aug 2017

Eiffage is awarded the construction of the above ground level phase of Colonial’s new building of prime offices in the 22@ District of Barcelona.

Eiffage, through a UTE (Temporary Union of Companies) formed by Eiffage Energía and its subsidiaries Conscytec and Ambitec, has been awarded by Colonial, as sole contractor, the construction of the above ground level phase of its new and emblematic prime office building project in the innovation 22@ District of Barcelona. In this way, Eiffage Energía and its subsidiaries place value on the group’s potential in singular building projects which integrate civil engineering and all the electrical, mechanical and special installations. […]

11 Apr 2017

EIFFAGE ENERGÍA, one of the leading EPC companies in the market

Eiffage Energía has become one of the leading EPC companies in wind farms and photovoltaic plants having more experience and strength in the market. EPC is the acronym for Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Therefore, an EPC company is one that offers all the services related to the design, the necessary supplies and the construction of any project related, in this case, to renewable energies. With the “Turnkey” or EPC method, the traditional three-way relationship between client, engineer and contractor disappears, […]

26 Jan 2017

Eiffage Energía develops a platform for the comprehensive management of projects

Eiffage Energía will develop, within the period of one year, a platform for the comprehensive management of engineering and infrastructure construction projects, under a collaboration agreement signed with the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) through the European Regional Development Fund. Through this project, which has a total budget of just over one million euros, Eiffage Energía will develop a construction management system which will take advantage of the potential of big data to attain the traceability of […]

17 Jan 2017

Futur Energy echoes Eiffage Energía’s projects

At the end of the year 2016, the magazine Futur Energy, one of the most important specialised publications in the energy sector, has echoed on the back cover section of its latest issue, the most important national and international projects of Eiffage Energía. It has certainly been a year of great achievements for the company for new business opportunities both inside and outside Spain, where the process of expansion of business activity continues with great success. Eight years ago, Eiffage […]