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10 Nov 2016

Students of the Technological University of Chile visit the Quilapilún Solar Park

On 24 October, a group of students from the Studies Program of Electronic Engineering from the Technological University of Chile (INACAP), made a tour of the installations at the Quilapilún Solar Park. The 20 students who visited the photovoltaic installation, located in the municipality of Colina belonging to the Metropolitan Region, were able to get to know the construction stages of the plant, the assembly and everything that comprises the laying and assembly of the electrical discipline. The creation of […]

07 Oct 2016

This is the new Eiffage Energía International Department.

The process of expanding our business outside Spain is continuing successfully. What began in the Amareleja photovoltaic plant in Portugal, has, eight years later, ended up being a genuine internationalisation plan thanks to which Eiffage Energía now has a presence in three continents. First Europe, then Latin America with the opening of subsidiaries in Chile and Brazil and, recently, Africa, have opened their doors wide to our different business lines with excellent results. This non-stop growth has begun to call […]

21 Sep 2016

José Manuel Martínez, CEO of Eiffage Energía, speaks of renewable energy in Executive Sector

The CEO of Eiffage Energía, José Manuel Martínez, signs an op-ed piece recently published in the September 2016 issue of the magazine specialised in economics and business Executive Sector. Based on the agreements reached at the last summit in Paris in December 2015, where became clear the need to reach international alliances to respond to the climate change that threatens our planet, Martínez speaks of renewable energy as a key development. Thus, the CEO of Eiffage Energía firmly believes that […]

18 Ago 2016

Cestas solar power plant, among the ten largest in the world

A recent media survey published a list of ten solar plants around the world and that are currently the largest on the planet. Among them is the Cestas plant, in France, where Eiffage Energía was responsible for the electrical installation. Together with solar plants like Solar Star, in California, or Longyangxia, Solar Farm in China, Cestas, located near Bordeaux, is the largest solar PV plant in Europe, with a capacity of 300MW. According to the news report, since October 2015 it […]

27 Jul 2016

Eiffage Energía has generated 10,000 jobs in Renewable Energy, 70% of which are in Albacete

It is decades since at Eiffage Energía we have pursued a clear objective from which we have not deviated: meeting the demand for clean energy in Spain and abroad and thus helping to comply with the international covenants on renewable energy, which have an end date in the year 2020. In this worldwide purpose of saving our planet from the climate change through the progressive transition to the production of renewable energy, our company has also achieved an important milestone: […]

20 Jul 2016

How to extract biomass to control forest fires

It is said that Nature is wise. So much so, that when we listen to it carefully, we uncover some of the keys that will help us live with it better and for longer. This, bearing in mind the scenario of sustainable development and checking of the climate change, seems more important than ever these days. Days on which the need to establish mechanisms to literally save the planet, is a constant theme in countries’ political and energy agendas. 2020 […]

04 Jul 2016

Eiffage Energy’s contribution to the wind power capacity of Castilla-La Mancha region

A few days back, RTV Castilla-La Mancha’s daily news reported that the Spanish Community ranked second in national rankings of accumulated wind power. According to the provided data, Castilla-La Mancha has a total of 139 wind farms, an installed capacity of 3,807 MW, and 2,984 wind turbines. These numbers attest to the successful development of a sector that names the region’s favorable weather conditions a great ally. Naturally, in order to benefit from this energy potential, the infrastructure of a […]

14 Jun 2016

European Energy Week looks to the consumer

Power to the Consumer is the leitmotiv with which started yesterday 13 June the European Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW), being held until next 17 June and that, as its theme indicates, this year focuses on the consumer as a key agent for achieving change in the current energy models, in the search for energy efficiency and compliance with the environmental challenges for 2020. Thus, the consumer is presented, during this week of celebrations, as the accelerator of the European transition […]

25 May 2016

Looking for energy efficiency in the III Congress for Almost Zero Energy Buildings

A few weeks ago, we centred the attention of the Eiffage Energía news section on the sustainable construction model or passivhaus, committed to the environment through energy-efficient buildings. On this occasion we focus on the EECN, i.e. almost zero energy buildings. Next 21 and 22 June, precisely these will be discussed at length at the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid. On these dates the III Congress for Almost Zero Energy Buildings will be held, an essential forum from both the […]

13 May 2016

How should countries move towards a new energy model

How should countries move towards a new energy model? Are sustainability and energy consumption compatible? How should countries proceed to reduce their carbon emissions into the atmosphere for good without compromising their economic development? These and other questions are currently on the table in an international panorama especially concerned about climate change and in which the energy model is more exposed than ever. To answer these questions, many experts in the field, economic theorists, policy analysts, activists and world leaders, […]