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05 May 2016

Construction is reconciled with the environment thanks to the passivhaus

Those who are most enthusiastic about sustainable construction will surely be familiar with a term which is now used, more than ever, within circles of architects, designers and structural engineers. We are talking about the passivhaus or, translated from German to English: passive house, a standard of building construction that has its foundations on commitment to the environment. Officially formed in 1988 by professors Bo Adamson, from the Swedish University of Lund, and Wolfgang Feist, from the German Institute of […]

28 Abr 2016

Nine countries will arrive at the renewable revolution before 2020

it’s been 12 years since that conference in which Europe set a clear goal for 2020 with regard to renewable energies. It was in Bonn, in June 2004, when the European Parliament recommended these renewable energies make 20% of the total energy consumption by that date. It was a common effort that sealed a commitment to control environmental impact and where the energy specificities of each state were taken into account. Later, in March 2007, the European Council in Brussels […]

24 Feb 2016

Eiffage Energía returns to the United Kingdom with a new renewable energy project

Eiffage Energía’s trajectory in renewable energy reaches a new goal thanks to the award of a project at the Hale Manor Farm plant in the United Kingdom. On this occasion, the company will be responsible for the electromechanical assembly and civil works of the facilities. The new work, commissioned by the British company Ralos New Energy UK Ltd. that will be finished in April this year, is not the first that the group has performed on English soil, where since […]

19 Ene 2016

Clean energy saves us money

According to an interview published recently in the newspaper El Mundo with the Professor of Civil Engineering and environmental issues at Stanford University, Mark Jacobson,the total cost of air pollution in Spain is approximately 92,000 million euros, or 7.7% of GDP». This is about 1,825 euros per person. In the light of his math, it is obvious that the climate change is taking its toll. A toll which costs money and, what is worse, also costs our health. And, as […]

03 Ago 2015

Eiffage Energía will build a solar plant in Chile for 30 million euros.

Eiffage Energía, through its Chilean subsidiary, has been awarded two contracts for the construction of the solar photovoltaic plant Quilapilún in Chile, for a total of altogether 34 million dollars (30.5 million euros). The plant will have an installed capacity of 110 megawatts (MW), it will be built for SunEdison, the company that promotes it, near the capital, Santiago, and will be one of the largest in the country and the most developed in Latin America. The first of the […]

12 Ene 2015

Eiffage Energía has been awarded a new wind farm in Poland

Eiffage Energía has been awarded by Acciona Energía the construction of a new Wind Farm in Poland, a new impulse in the growing company internationalization.  Wind Farm, which will be equipped with 11 3 MW wind turbines each one, is located west Poland, near the town of Gostyn. The Energy generated will allow the power supply for more than 20.000 houses, which will improve power security in the country and will avoid 40.000 tons of CO2 emissions. Scope’s works include […]

10 Nov 2014

Eiffage Energía is involved in the construction of the biggest PV Plant in Europe

The Groups Eiffage, Schneider Electric and Krinner have published that they will build the biggest PV Plant in Europe, piece of news which they have been made coincide with works’ start in Cestas, near to Burdeos. The awarded contract has a budget of 285 million €, and beside design and construction, scope also includes its subsequent management, as they have informed in a common release. Eiffage Energía involvement will be from project design to the PV Plant construction. In this last part, Eiffage Energía scope includes the following […]

27 Oct 2014

Eiffage Energía involved in the development of 30% total photovoltaic power installed

After being awarded last August the civil Works of PV Javiera (Chile), Eiffage Energía through its branch in that country will be involved in the construction of 191 MW for its client Sun Edison, which means 30% of total photovoltaic power installed in this country so far. Photovoltaic Plant Javiera is located in Atacama Desert, the area with the largest concentration of solar irradiation all over the world, which will have 228.160 modules and 69 MW of total power installed. The photovoltaic plant, which will occupy […]